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"One of my own."

Part 30. Ben Sisko part nine and ten.

Takasu has got collected the most of his men that are left in city. He has been told that about four of his men had followed the two strangers out of town, so they can keep in contact with them.
Takasu is sure that the woman and the man will meet with the last man and the animals a place outside the city, so they can continue their onward journey.
After he left five men back in the city to keep track of their things, he took the rest with him on them ostrich horses they have available.
A few of the men have to run alongside, but he expects with that they can switch places on the way, so it is only short stretch the individual men will have to run.

When they come up in the hills, which is south of the city, they find the four men who had followed the strangers. Takasu can quickly confirm that he has been right in that they would meet with the last man and all their ostrich horses.
After they have switched, so the men who have run so far, gets allowed to ride, and some others come down to walk.
The four who have been waiting on the other are reasonably fresh, since they have moved at a somewhat slower pace, and they continue on foot for a while.

They do not get very far before they suddenly becomes surprised. A thin ice spike suddenly comes flying from the side and hits Hanbei which is one of the foremost of the bandits, in the thigh. The ice spear goes through his legs and into the side of the ostrich horse he rides on. While Hanbei screams of pain and he takes him to the thigh sinks the ostrich horse died together under him.
All the other bandits looking themselves surprised around, trying to find out where the ice spear came from and who sent it off.

Before they become wiser from where the spear came, and whether it is the female water bender who sent it, they can suddenly hear a male voice.

"This is your last warning..." it sounds loud and clear "If you continue, it will become seriously... And you come to bury some of your men..."

Takasu has a good guess on where the man must be. The long monologue from the man gave him a reasonably accurate direction, although the voice has sung a little because of the hills and trees.

He raises his arm and pointing while he shouts "He must be right up there... Take him..."

The front riders whipping their ostrich horses and try to get them to run up the small slope that is on the side of the road.
A little further up, everyone can see how a man, dressed in blue, rises up quickly and start to run quickly up the hill. Takasu get a big smile on. In his mind, they have already put him down.

A little slower than the fastest Takasu coming after them. Although the slope is particularly steep, he can feel on his own animal and look at the front two, it's hard to get up the slope for them.
The front two have just contact with the man in blue. For a brief moment he disappears for them and they hear a low hiss in the air. They can see something shiny, almost silvery, flying through the air.
But none of them can reach to understand what it is. Only at the last moment sees the two in fronts those thin ice discs flying through the air against them.

Takasu's ostrich horse slow down and squeal with terrified voices. Irritated he looks down on it and discovers the two heads that roll down towards him.
Startled, he looks up and discovers that the heads owns still sitting on their ostrich horses, but that the two are headless.
A little movement from the animals they sit on means that the two bodies slowly fall to the ground.

Several of Takasu's men come up beside him. Both some of those who are on foot and some of them are riding. The men look frightened at the two headless bodies. A few go a few steps back and their eyes fall on the leader of the group.
Takasu cannot really decide whether it's best to turn around, or whether they should follow the man who has now killed one of his animals and two of his men in a very short time.

While Takasu still stands and is considering what is best to do hears they suddenly a cold voice shouting "If..."

It makes it a shiver down the men's backs. Several of them start to lose heart. They do not want to end up like their two headless comrades in front of them.
But for Takasu, the battle is not yet finished...

Sara and Sisko choose to walk throughout the day and only very late at night, they find a suitable place where they will stay overnight the last few hours.
The ostrich horses are at the moment a little tired, but still they come with cheerful sounds while Sara and Sisko make a fire, so they have light.
Sisko uses his fire bending to quickly lit the bonfire and makes some primitive torches, which he set on fire. Quickly pulling they the ostrich horses to the fire, so they can see what they're doing, and so they can get the saddle bags emptied of supplies.
After they have poured feed in the large flat feeding bowl turns the two benders back to the fire.
Without further delay or tasks crawl the two tired benders down into their sleeping bags. Barely is their head down and lie on the ground before they sleep.

When the first rays of sunshine wake Sisko as he used to. Slowly he comes out of the sleeping bag and find a place where the sun undisturbed can shine on him.
While he places himself in a lotus position in order to morning meditates towards the sun, wakes Sara of it.
Just as slowly as Sisko she comes out of the sleeping bag and smile at his back. She can hear on his calm breathing, that he sits and meditates. It is not the first time she experiences a fire bender who meditate toward the sun.
In order not to disturb Sisko she chooses to find it clean set of black cotton underwear and her toiletries forward and thereafter she is moving her down to the nearby river to take a morning bath.

Although the water was a bit cold when she walked naked out into it, it's very refreshing for her to get a bath. She begins to bender the water, heat it up and wash her in that way.
She let a few water hands with warm water caressing her body while she enjoys waking up properly with a relatively warm bath. The hair must Sara herself wash.
Something else seldom occurs, since it normally always Soren who washes her hair and she misses his hands. But not only that...

After she becomes finished with too bath, she uses her bending to dry herself with before she takes the clean underwear on. When she has tied the knot under her breasts on the black triangle top, she returns to where the fire bender still sitting in a lotus position.
While she looking at him curiously she gets her pants and boots on. A smile comes into her lips which she has just colored red. Sara slowly closing the two small sea shells containing the red color, together again.
The way how the fire bender in front of her sits reminds her so much about how Zhou also sat when he meditated in front of her.

For a moment, can Sara remember how it was to sit between his legs, the one time she tried it with him. What an experience it was that to feel the fire benders heat rise in step with the sun comes up higher and higher above the horizon.
With one last smile finds Sara her brush forward and she begins to comb her long dark brown curly hair.

Slowly become Sisko finished with his morning meditation. He can feel the sun has filled him with renewed energy and his bending feels strong again.
He opens his eyes and gets a little surprised to see that Sara stands almost right in front of him. Although he has focused on his meditation, he had not heard that she had moved around, but of course he knew that she was still there.
It that also surprises him is to see Sara standing only half dressed with her dark blue pants, black triangle top and the two gold ring arm rings on her arms. She stands and concentrates on braiding her curly dark brown hair in a braid.
Again he is surprised that it does not seem to bother her to stand almost topless in front of a strange man.

A sly smile playing on her red lips while she looks at him. Sisko lifts curiously an eyebrow over it. He can see that she enjoys to standing and look at him while she braiding the hair.
Sara enjoys what she can see of his beautiful muscular body which the sleeveless blouse shows, especially the clearly arm muscles the fire bender has.
In a way she had hoped that she would be allowed to see more of them, but that she has seen, she is extremely pleased with.

She becomes finish braiding the hair and takes the blue kimono-like tunic dress on. While she takes her blue-gray finger gloves and begins to put Sarashi wraps around her arms come Sisko on his feet and take his uniform out from his backpack.
Quickly he gets it on and gets tied his raven-black hair in a traditional Fire Nation top-knot. He sees no reason to hide more that he is a soldier from the Fire Nation and Sara only smiles of it.
She thinks that the fire bender looks good in the black uniform.

Sisko had already, while they walked last night, revealed that he is a soldier for her. He is somewhat surprised at how calmly Sara took the information when he told her.
He thought after what the two have been together through the city, but also with the man that they both deserved to get to know the truth, that he is a soldier.
But everything around why he has been in the city and what the mission is, he has not told anything about to her.
Sara has answer that they both had guessed it and knew that he was a soldier from the Fire Nation, and that they had no problems with it.

"What do you say that we get some breakfast...?" asks the soldier with a smile on his lips "And so we come further afterwards..."

The water bender smiles back at him. Quickly get together they made a light breakfast, which they consume seated next to each other where the bonfire before was.
Sisko has used the last of the embers from the fire to fry a couple of eggs and some meat, so they get a little warm to breakfast, which otherwise consists of only bread and cold rice.
Together they are enjoying the food and each other's company in silence. It's not really hungry, the two tired has, but both know they have to eat something, to get through another day.
Sisko know they have about half a day's journey yet to come where he shall meet with the Novara.

After they have eaten, cleaned up and packed together they begin to get their ostrich horses loaded again. Although the animals seem very fresh after they yesterday had made a great effort, controls Sara every animal for injuries while they loads the saddle bags with supplies on them.
To her big delight, she finds absolutely nothing on any of them. Again, it explains Sisko why the animals are in such good condition, both the two from the Water Tribe is very careful to examine all of them and prevent damage to their ostrich horses he concludes. When they finally finished nods the two benders to each other and continue their migration to the south.

Finally, at noon they come to a bay with a wide sandy beach. After Sisko has checked his map he nods with a satisfied smile on his lips.

"This is where I will be, picked by my ship..." he says with satisfaction.

Sara gets big eyes and lifts her eyebrows.

"A ship...? Okay..." she answers surprised.

She had not exactly expected that the stranger fire bender serving on a warship. Sisko smiles smirk to her and begin to lead the ostrich horses down towards the beach.
Although Sisko first met the animals yesterday they have already been better to obey him too.
The fact that he has gone together with them and Sara all day has told the ostrich horses that he may belong to the flock.

After Sisko has found a suitable place where the tide will not come, they begin to unload all his supplies down from the saddle bags and put it ready on the beach to pick up later.
While the two works quickly and effectively they continue chattering about this and that, just like they did while they walked to the south.
Slowly return a thought back to Sisko. He rubs his finger along his upper lip. It has crossed his mind several times to question why they changed their opinion to help him when they sat in the tea saloon, but he never found the right time to ask before now...

"There's something I need to hear you about..." begins Sisko tentatively.

Sara grabs the sack sitting in the saddle bag she stands by.

"Yes...?" she answers with curiosity and wonder.

She quickly finds his amber yellow eyes and looking curiously into them.

"You have told me that you have guessed that I am from the Fire Nation... Why would you help me...? Now that I'm from the Fire Nation..." he asks quietly.

He takes his sack on the opposite side of the ostrich horse they stand by, lift it up and place it on the sandy beach.

"I could easily see that you... Especially your boyfriend... Was a little reluctant at first. But suddenly it was as if you said something that made you change your mind... So why...?" he continues and shuts his mouth into a straight line.

Sara looks at him, gets her tongue up on the upper lip and with one hand she moves a few loose hair behind her ear while with the other she moves her braid onto her back again. She tries, if she can read something in his face, but the soldier's facial features only tells that he is a little curious.

"Why not...?" she thinks.

He also told about himself to her and told that he was a soldier even though he did not have to do it.

"It might surprise you... but I've actually been a slave here in the Earth Kingdom..." Sara begins to tell.

Sisko opens his mouth a little bit, he had not exactly expected that.

"One of those who have shown compassion for me was Zhou..." she continued after she can see that he's gotten over the first surprise.

"He was a lieutenant and a soldier in the Fire Nation. Zhou tried to buy me out, but unfortunately it proved impossible for him." Sara tells candidly, she is sad about that she tells "There were some circumstances I will not dwell on, but it just was not possible for him."

Sisko gives a nod, he can well understand the woman that it's a sore subject, and he shall not begin to come up with detailed questions.

"But that which Zhou has done for me, I have never forgotten him for it." continues Sara and gets a little bigger smile on those red lips "Unfortunately, I never got the chance either to say thanks or to do something else in return for the kindness he showed to me by trying..."

Sisko nods a little more understanding while Sara clap the ostrich horse that stands between them on the ass, so it moves slightly forward and free from them.
Slowly she comes closer to him so that they stand right opposite each other and can better look at each other.
They are not dazzling, her light blue eyes, but her natural charisma that can mesmerize people dazzles him anyway a bit.
He has only once previously tried that a young woman can have such an influence or effect on him that way... Azula.

His charisma, his confidence and, not least, those amber yellow eyes fascinates her. Since Zhou, she has had a little thing for people from the Fire Nation, especially fire benders.

"So when I heard about your problem, I felt that I got an opportunity to help another fire bender, an opportunity to help Zhou's people..." continues Sara low as if to emphasize the seriousness of what she tells.

"Therefore... Would I be happy to help you..." she says with gratitude in her voice "For what Zhou tried to do for me..."

Sisko nods slowly. The woman's honor debts are paid, something he understands very well. He can see how she comes a little closer to him, her hands seeking his.
Slowly Sara gets hold of his fingertips with her. Sisko can see a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help..." says Sara with sincere gratitude and a little smile.

The fire bender nods again and say low "You are welcome..."

Slowly he gets a smirk on his lips.

"What do you say we get finished with to unload the animals...?" he asks "I could imagine that you would like to return to your boyfriend again and meet with him..."

Sara smiles at him and give slowly let go of his fingers.

"Yes... Let's get started..." she smiles back to him.

When they finally finished to unloading the animals get Sisko quickly verified that it is now also is all his supplies and only his supplies are lie on the beach.
He does not want that he accidentally got any of the two from the Water Tribe's things with, nor does he want to be missing something because they forgot to pack it of an animal.
Sara spends the time just to check each of the animals, sitting the bag correctly, the animal is well and whether they were optionally hungry or thirsty.
She wants to get out of here as soon as they both finished their chores because she misses Soren.

"So it's about time..." says Sara and come very close to Sisko.

He smiles smirk back to her and getting ready to give her his right hand to say goodbye and thank you for the help.
Before Sisko when stretching his arm completely forward Sara comes a step closer to him, and quickly she places a gentle kiss on his cheek. She holds her red lips on his cheek for a moment while she holds her hands around his waist.

"May Agni protect you..." she says low and takes a step back.

Sisko is a bit surprised that she suddenly standing quite close to him and kisses him on the cheek. His hand seeks his cheek and touching gently at the place where she kissed him.

"Thank you..." he answers "And thanks for the help..."

With one last smile to him she turns and walks the few steps to the front ostrich horses to take the lead line up. Without turning around further towards the stranger from the Fire Nation, she puts the animals moving in the same direction from which they came.

When Sara comes free off the beach and is on the way up towards the road again, she turns around and looks back towards him.
Sisko still looking after her, smiling smirk to her and Sara lifts her hand to wave goodbye. His hand also come up and the two benders waving goodbye to each other.
For a moment they keep their eyes on each other before both turning them around and continue their chores.
Sara wanders on with her animals, Sisko begins to look for the "Novara" is.

Sara works her away together with the ostrich horses up along they little winding roads. In a relatively short stretch she comes up well in height and when she approaches the hilltop she can see that there comes one running in blue towards her.
Already before they have proper eye contact with each other knows both of them who the other is.
Sara tries to get the animals to go a little faster, preferably would she let go of the line and runs up to him, but she assess that it is better to get the animals with her. Soren, on the other hand, increases his pace and almost run towards Sara.

Both quickly takes hold of the other's waist and presses each other's bodies against itself. Both trying to kiss the other, but instead they are just about to nod each other nastily.

"Ouch..." mutters Soren low and is just about again to let go of Sara.

She on the other hand, gets quickly pressed their lips together. Before he does more is her tongue inside his mouth and their tongues play wildly with each other.

"Yes... Ouch..." says Sara after their wild kiss and she takes to the forehead with one hand.

Soren follow her example and winces just above the bridge of the nose. Both they look at each other and begin to giggle about the comical of the situation.

Slowly they stop giggling and become serious again. Soren looks at her with tired bloodshot eyes.
Sara can not quite see on him about his eyes are bloodshot because he is tired or because he had Blood Rage.
Bluntly leads Soren his hand from her waist and in under her tunic and triangle top. He puts his right hand on the skin over her heart.
Sara smiles proud of him, although he will not and cannot, then he do anyway the old Viking traditions and using the old greeting. She follows his example and also finds his heart beneath his tunic.

"It's not just that you're tired..." she observes with caring vote "You have also been fighting... Or should I say several fights...?"

He nods slowly.

"They would not give up to start with..." answer Soren with tired voice.

"Even though they got a little tough warning they continued..." he continues cold voice "But in the end they had to give up during the night..."

Sara sighed, all that the fire bender and she had tried to avoid, Soren had to put into practice. Why they will not learn, or are the bandits just so stupid?

"Baka..." she mumbles low.

She can feel on his blood, that just the time as they have stood and touched each other that the blood has become more quieter. As if the two have a positive influence on each other. She comes with a soft smile, she is glad that he is safe and sound.

"How much sleep did you get...?" she asks curiously.

"It became to a few hours in the morning... Up of a tree..." he answers with a wry smile.

His fingers cannot help but just touch a little more broadly at her cleavage. He can feel that her blood also becomes calmer after they have come back to each other, even if she has not had Blood Rage while he has been away from her.

"Where is our new...? Yeah, friend...?" asks Soren curiously when he discovers that the saddle bags are empty and they are alone.

"I have left him behind down here by the beach..." she says, nodding toward the beach with her head.

He looks in the direction where she nods, and sure enough, on the beach, he can see the fire bender stands with a raised hand, so it looks like he wave after them.
As the last waves the two water bender to the fire bender before they turn around and go against the city again.

Already before they are over the first hill and can only see the bay they are turning by coincidence around. The last of the ostrich horses come with a strange noise over something, thereby discovers they a warship further out at sea.
Both Sara and Soren looking curiously after that.

"It looks like a Fire Nation cruiser..." says Soren with a little wonder in his voice.

Sara is not the big ship know, she has not seen so many warships in her life, so she believes in what he says.

"A cruiser...?" she asks curiously "That explains the amount of his supplies."

He nods and takes one hand up to block the sun while he looks toward the ship.

"Yeah... There are many people aboard such a..." he answers while they slowly begin to walk again.

Slowly turning the warrior to face his pupil, suddenly he had got a thought.

"I came to think about... Did you ever asked about his name...?" asks Soren both curious and wondering.

Sara smiles and is just about to answer, but stops again. She was ready to spit his name out, but come then realized that she never got to know or asked about his name.
She holds her hand in front of her with fingers slightly spread. She was or quite sure of that they had talked about what their names were.
But the more she thinks about it, the more confident she becomes that she never got asked or got to know what his name is, just as she either not get told what they are called.

"The same here..." says Soren when he guessed what she thinks about.

Sara looks at him curiously.

"You have also not asked...?" she asks with wonder in her voice.

"Nope..." he answers while he shakes a little on the head "Every time I thought about it came there something in the way... And then I came from it..."

Both are astonishingly looking at each other and threw out they arms. Both have somehow forgotten to ask about it, but it's not something they can do something about now.
Who knows...? It may well be that Tui and La seemed that their path should cross again sometime later.

Sisko smiles smirk to him selves. The cruiser turns around in front of him, so that the stern faces towards him. An oceangoing craft comes from a bay from the stern of the ship. With a reasonably good pace going the craft toward him.
Already before the small vessel is completely at the coast, he can see that Captain Zaru and second-in-command Harada is aboard it. Both standing in the bow of the ship and looking expectantly toward him.
First to last goes the ship down in speed and slowly comes to shore.

Zaru come quickly Sisko to meet him and the two men greet each other politely.

"You're early on, Captain..." says Sisko and get a broad smile on.

"Our repairs went fortunately quickly." answer the older captain, he looks quickly across to all the supplies standing over behind by the young chef.

"But you are also early, Benjamin..." continues the older man.

Zaru eyeing a brief moment himself over his shoulders, and sees his men are coming of deck, and he must stop the comradely tone with his old friend.
Sisko smiles smirk when he discovers Harada, who is walking with mouth open and looking deeply impressed at him.

"Ohh my Agni..." says XO very impressed "How did you get this all down on the beach...?"

The Second-in-command looks at the many sacks of rice, different meat wrapped in cloth, vegetables in baskets and sacks as well jars with something unknown.

Harada's curiosity causes him to go to one of the jars, lift it up and open it so he can see what it is.

"Pickled ginger...?" he mutters low and looking with open mouth on the other jars with pickled things.

Hereby discovers XO also that there are a few baskets with eggs, neatly wrapped with straw around to protect the eggs.
All the supplies looks to be of top quality and what Harada genuine normally expect to Sisko will use to make the food he serves from his kitchen.

Harada is so deeply impressed with Sisko that he does not know what to say to him. The young head chef has surpassed all his expectations.
Sisko smiles smirk over it, his confidence has been strongly reinforced after the XO's reaction to his purchases.
He walks the few steps from Zaru and over to a box that is slightly hidden behind the rest of the supplies. Sisko opens the lid on the box, finds a bottle of rice wine up and gives it to Harada.

"What say XO to us to have a traditional Fire Nation hot pan for tomorrow...?" asks the chef.

Harada is looking a little on the bottle and further around on the supplies that stands around them.

"The rice wine will fit to it, and I have also purchased the rest we need for it..." adds Sisko with his well known smirk smile.

The XO is still stunned by the purchase Sisko has made, he cannot get a word out, so he chooses just shrug his shoulders in response.

Zaru clapping proud Sisko on the shoulder and smile together with him.

"I'm curious... Did everything go well...?" asks the older captain.

Sisko smiles proudly back to him and gives a slight nod.

"Yes... Without any major problems..." answer the young man whiles his one hand playing with the beard on his chin "Only the transportation has caused me some problems..."

Zaru looking curiously at him, moving his hand from Sisko's shoulder and placing both hands on his waist.

"I see..." he says pending while he without words encourages Sisko to tell more.

"That I cannot tell..." answer Sisko after some time "As always with my secret missions that have been conducted in the utmost secrecy are the details... Yeah, utmost secret..."

The last is said with a warm voice and with a wry smile from him. Captain Zaru looking surprised at him and then he begins to laugh out loud.
Sisko's wry smile changes into a broad grin.

"Yes Sisko... You have always been discreet about your secret missions..." laughs Zaru.

When Zaru is getting finished to laugh and again begin to become a little more serious thinking Benjamin Sisko "But it was not done without a little help from the two from the Water Tribe... And why I never asked these two about their names...?"

He wonders about it and the only thing he can come to mind is that every time he would ask something has come in the way.
His well-known smirk smile comes again slowly on his lips, he can see the comedy in the situation and at the same time wandering his thoughts again these two.

Harada looking surprised and impressed at the old captain and the young head chef. The comradely tone and at the same time the respect that in between the two men admire and impresses him. The XO must admit that he has ended up on a good ship.

Captain Zaru smile, his secret mission can continue and Benjamin Sisko has again proved his worth with his talent for secret missions.
This here, can be good for the young chef and Zaru is sure to Sisko soon having his rank as captain again, if Agni will.

The men begin to load the supplies aboard the oceangoing craft and the three officers go on board.
Just before he comes on board, Sisko turns around and looks at the place where he last saw the two from the Water Tribe, but he cannot see them anymore.
Wonder who they actually were, and their names are... And if he will ever meet them again?
He narrows his amber yellow eyes a little, one last thought he sends to the woman and the man before he turns around and follows the other two officers.

Under cover of night returning Sara and Soren back to the city where their stuff waiting. Not that they had planned, they should come back to the city at night, but it suits them fine to the city streets are almost deserted and the inhabitants sleep when they arrive in the city.
They go quickly through the streets to reach the building where the merchant has his store and he lives next door.

Although the couple has slept a few hours, wakes the wife by that she can hear that there is a knock at the front door. A little dazed, she comes up and sits.
She sits and listens a little, if it was something she had dreamed before again being knocked on the door, this time a little harder.

"Masa... Masa..." says the woman and pushes her husband "I think there's someone at the door..."

With a grunt he turns toward her.

"What do you say Maki...? I lay just sleeping so well..." he answers with a husky voice.

"There are someone at the door..." she maintains and at the same time can the married couple hear that there is again knocking at the door.

Quickly they come out of the bed, while the merchant takes his club that stands in the corner of the bedroom, forward. While Maki find her robes forward and put it on, come Masa out into the hallway, where he meets his two daughters in their nightgowns.

"Dad, what's going on...?" asks Ren, the eldest of the girls while San nervously takes on her older sister.

"I do not know... But it surely cannot be the gang..." answer the father and go down the stairs.

Within the merchant goes to the door, he looks as a precaution out of the window. What he can see in the dark are two rows of ostrich horses, standing some distance from the house.
Masa lifts an eyebrow, it could be the two from the Water Tribe, who have returned?
Just before he reaches the door, it becomes again knock on the door. This time somewhat harder, like the one that knocking are about to lose patience.
Gently open Masa the door only a crack and with the foot on the door, ready to push it in, if it still had to be someone from the gang standing outside the door.
But he becomes pleasantly surprised. Outside the door stand a woman and a man, both dressed in dark blue clothes with white edges.

"Finally..." mutters Soren a little annoyed when the door is opened a little more and the merchant looking somewhat surprised out at them.

"You must excuse that we come so late, but we are just coming back to the city now..." says Sara apologetic and with the largest doe eyes.

"It's them... They have come back..." says Masa with the biggest smile "Maki, it is these two from the Water Tribe, who is back..."

Sara and Soren look a bit in wonder at each other, what is this about...? Within either Sara or Soren have time to react stands the wife and both two teenagers daughters and looking over the shoulder of the merchant.

"Heh ...?" says both Sara and Soren, there are more than confused.

"Hurry up and come in... You must be tired..." says the merchant while he opens the door wide and step aside so they can get past him.

After all six have settled down in the large kitchen begins the merchant to tell them what's happened since they left town.
His wife, Maki, raises her quickly to make a late night snack and a cup of tea to the two benders.
While covering the girls the table and when they are finished, they get a little more clothes on after their mother's instructions.
Maki have well seen that Ren and San both earlier, but also here in the night sending large eyes after the male water bender. And because the two girls only wearing their thin nightgowns seemed Maki, that they should have a little more now that they have guests.

Masa begins to tell that the city residents could actually see how weak the bandits were. That that him the fire bender who was with them before and Sara could easily be practically beat up them, just a single woman and a single man, did the city's residents decided now was the time to stop the gang ravages of the city.
Already before Takasu came back with the survivors of their hunting, had the city's inhabitants gathered the gang members, who was left in the city and caught them. Thereafter they were ready to take against the other members, who came together with Takasu.

With a blended mix of benders and people with different weapons they had quickly surrounded Takasu and all the other bandits and almost without a fight had the bandits, to the city's surprise, surrendered.
It turned out that there were very many wounded among the bandits and they had completely lost their fighting spirit.
Especially Takasu had constant cursing above the fire bender and Sara, and what they had done to them.
They had of course asked the other members if it was the fire bender and Sara, who had continued their fight outside the city, but they were told that those who had fought with the male water bender, thus Soren.

Masa tells that the city's residents are grateful for what the three have done for the city, even the fire bender which must come from the Fire Nation.
Both Sara and Soren sitting with little open mouth and big eyes and look at the merchant. Neither of them had expected that they would get such a welcoming when they returned to the city.

"It's a shame you do not have him the fire bender with back..." says Maki when she comes to the table with two plates.

"For I am sure that the city also wanted to thank him..." she continues while she puts the plates in front of Sara and Soren.

"Well... He should unfortunately further so we said goodbye to him further south..." says Sara with a small smile while she picks up her chopsticks.

Maki and Masa nods to it. Even before the three left town could the merchant understand that the fire bender should somewhat since the two water benders postponed their departure.

"But he is not the only one... We must also further to the north..." says Soren "So we do not have the time to stay in the city longer than necessary..."

The two girls have just returned. They hear that last Soren says and looks both at him with big disappointed eyes.

"It's a shame..." says Masa with sadness in his voice "I am sure that our city would have shown you our gratitude..."

The two water benders smile back when they begin to eat. While Soren chew he looks at his empty tea mugs, Ren discovers immediately that he sits with an empty mug, and before her little sister have time to react Ran is over and pouring tea in his mug.
When she has filled the mug she fills, most of duty, also Sara's mug. Sara smiles at the young girl.

"Thanks..." says Sara with a warm voice.

Ren comes with a little smile back while she looks curious on the beautiful woman from the Water Tribe.

"Why is it, you have him...?" thinking Ren little enviously at Sara.

San looking curiously at the two from the Water Tribe. She has only seen them together a bit the first time they came into the store, and then one could several times see that the two were a couple, but what are they real...?
Sweethearts, engaged or married...? She does not know, and her curiosity disregards some of her good upbringing, so after she has studied them and still cannot find any sign of their relationship she asks directly.

"How long have you been married...?" San ask very directly to them, while her brown eyes shine with curiosity.

Soren has just taken a mouthful of rice dumpling in his mouth and is about to devour him when the girl ask her questions.
Sara contrast, was about to drink some tea and cannot help but giggling slightly. She put the tea mug on the table while her other hand unconsciously going to her throat.
But unfortunately for her, finds her fingertips not a jewelry.

When Soren still coughing a bit to get food from the throat choose Sara to answer.

"No, we're not married... We are a sweethearts couples..." she gets diplomatically said.

Although she and Soren have not yet found out what they are, may sweethearts be the proper term for people who do not know them. She is proud being able to say that they are sweethearts, but at the same time she is sorry that they are not more...

That they are sweethearts is like pouring water on a burning oil pan for the two teenage girls. Suddenly staring the girls more intensely at Soren and get both a seductive smile. Soren, who has finally become finished cough, becomes strange to way over how the two young girls behave themselves towards him.
Ren let her green eyes wander first down, then up again of his body. San, on the other hand, is staring him straight in the eye with her brown eyes.
Sara frowning at it, seen in clear light of hindsight, she should probably have answered that they were married.
Not that she sees the two teenage girls as competitors, but she'd rather be without their admiring glances towards Soren.

After Sara and Soren have become finished eating and have sat and enjoyed their tea with the family, offers Masa that they get picked up some of the stable boys to help with packed the saddlebags on their ostrich horses with their belongings and new supplies. Without bigger thinking of it nods the two water benders yes to Masa's offer.
Ren and San become sent for stable boys while the couple goes upstairs to get some more clothes on.
Sara and Soren spend the time to give the animals something to eat and a little to drink before they are loaded.

Ren and San returns with two stable boys. The two boys and the married couple begin to drag supplies up to the ostrich horses stand.
Soren packages the saddle bags, while the two teenage girls all the time around him and help him as best they can.
Sara takes care of the ostrich horses and cleans up after their meal. She spends a little time on each animal, checks whether they have it well and take care of it if there is anything there shall be healed.

While the two girls are close to Soren they go all the time and giggles to one another and making big eyes after him. They both like to see his muscular body work.
The two daughters get a big smile on their face when they see the male water bender stretch him so his tunic slightly widens and thereby they can see his chest.
Sara eyeing after them, is it curiosity in their eyes or? The girls sighed blissfully than that they now clearly can see his muscular chest.
Again they start to giggle, this time a bit higher than before.

The low giggles get her again to look for the sound, Sara rolls her light blue eyes and sighs. She does not like it she sees the two teenage girls are constantly around Soren to help him.
Although Soren not notice that the two girls trying to be seductive, hit it anyway Sara. The inner warmth from her heart gets a little cold about it, a less jealousy sneaks in and she hugging herself in despair.

"No, I will not... I've never been jealous of that Tatiana or Tasja have kissed with him... Or the other women from the house..." she thinks and looking up at him "Even when Soren had sex with both Shima and Tasja, I was not jealous, but happy on his behalf... So a couple of teenage girls should not ruin my good mood!"

Her heart becomes burning hot again, her love for him will never perish...

"You are and will always be my first and only man..." says Sara low to herself, with all the love she can generate.

Sara comes quickly over to him, her hands find his face, she turns his head towards her and both open their mouth to let their tongues coming in at the other.
Her kiss is wild, deeply and passionately. She enjoys his tongue against her, her hands find his hair, burying her fingers in the wolf tail. Their tongues continues clash against each other in an intense manner.
It is very obviously and very passionate kiss with him, get the two teenage girls to stand with mouth open and looking enviously at Sara.

Sara lifts her leg, caressing his hips with her thighs as if she asks him to take it... And he takes her leg up on it right away. It amazes still Soren how easy that is to communicate with Sara without words.
His hands come down to her butt, causing her to blush on the cheeks, even though that is what she encouraged him to. Soren slides his hands slightly lower, pushing her up and encouraged her to jump.
Sara obey him immediately gets her legs around his lower back, locking her ankles together on his back while he holds her in place by holding her by the buttocks.
Sara's hands let go off the wolf tail, her fingertips caressing his head. She lowers her hands slowly, leaving a trail with her long fingernails all the way to his neck, and Soren cannot do anything about it, other than kissing her wildly back, enjoying the excitement she send down his body.

Masa looking at the young couples in love with an awkward-looking brow furrowed. It is a somewhat intense way the two kissing each other.
Wonder if this is how they do in Water Tribe...? Or whether the two just is crazy with each other...?
Maki is fascinated by the two from the Water Tribe, that they are so fortunate and happy for each other. The fact that they are not afraid to show their feelings for each other.

"Why have you never kissed me like that...?" she says and licking her lips with a clearly tongue.

One of his lips falling to the side, an eyebrow rising up.

"Huh?" he answers low and looks at her.

Maki smiles at him, his wife has the naughtiest eyes he has long seen from her.

"Are we not been a little too old for that...?" he asks with a smile.

Her smile becomes a little naughtier, her left hand finds his butt and touching caressing on it before the married couple's lips find each other.

"I think it's cute when you're jealous..." says Soren low while nipping on her jaw line with his lips.

"I'm not jealous of that a couple of teenage girls looking with bedroom eyes on you..." answer Sara groaning of his tongue on her throat "I am envious of that they do not also do it by me..."

He looks a little surprised at her, come with a naughty smile and shaking slightly on his head.
Sara leaning down to him, pushing her red colored lips to his in a quick kiss. She pulls away, licking her lips slowly and purposefully.

"So they have something to dream about..." she whispers so low that only he can hear that.

Soren blinks a few times over her words, is she really only jealous or? Sara shows no more and they become both again occupied of their passionate kiss.

After several wild, deep and passionate kiss comes Sara slowly down from Soren again. Still they give each other several small kiss, only with the lips and tasting each other's lips.
Soren stroking gently Sara's cheek, making his princess breath hitch. The girls look spellbound at them, both their mouths have moved them within the kisses.
In a way they would both wish it was them who were kissed by the exotic man from Water Tribe in that way.
Sara eyeing toward them, now they must have understood that they have no chance at Soren. He is mine...

The married couple smiles of their daughters while they shake their heads. In a way it is just innocently what the girls are trying, but at the same time can especially Maki see why Sara gets a little... hmm... envious.
And Maki must say that Sara had shown her girls that they have no chances by Soren. She can well see that the tan color woman will do everything for her man, also even if they are not married.

"Damn it..." mutters Ren and pull both lips into her mouth while the corners of her mouth hanging down.

"My first kiss may preferably be with him..." says San with admiration in her voice.

Ren looking slowly at her little sister, she had just forgotten how inexperienced she really is.
San feel that her older sister looks at her and she looks curiously back at her.

Ren smiles at her sister and asks "Do you want to get out and try him...? Now...?"

San blushes wildly over her sister's questions, it's a little embarrassing that her sister asking her so directly, but yes, had she could get past the beautiful tan color woman, then she had gone out and kissed him.
Both girls are deep fascinated by the two strangers from the Water Tribe. Both their exotic appearance, their muscular bodies and not least how the woman's beauty can mesmerize them.

After they get loaded all the ostrich horses and controlled that they are ready, walk Sara and Soren go to the merchant and his family. They gets settled the last, which they owe for their supplies and feed.
Quickly gets Sara and Soren said goodbye and thanks for helping to load to all six, which has helped them here tonight. The merchant thank once again for helping with Takasu and his gang.
Maki asked one last time if they do not want to stay overnight, and first travel on the following day, but Sara and Soren explains that they have a schedule they would like to achieve, and that they therefore would forward as quickly as possible, although it is still night.
After they have given each other the hands one last time sitting Sara and Soren up on their ostrich horses and get ready to ride north.
Sara did well notice that the two teenage girls circling a little around Soren, but when they do not say anything she chooses also to remain silent.
She has well guess that they would like have had more than a handshake from him.

With a last look at the family and the two boys they are riding away, out of the city and to the north. Since they are outside the city rider Sara and Soren talking about this and that.
They quickly agree that it was the right to leave the city already in the middle of the night.
At first, they do not know how far they are ahead of Kai, if he is still after them. Secondly they do not feel like there become more awareness of their persons than already has been, and thirdly, they have already spent more than enough time on this adventure.
One of my own. Part 30.

"Lovers have the red string of fate, which is tied around the little finger... What color have friends and where is it tied around?"

Prehistory to "I will keep you" of Bezsoba. :iconbezsoba:

Sequel to "The Hunted and The Helping." and the further continuation of the prehistory to why Princess Azula has a water bender in her service.

Here are the specific parts where there is a co writer with me. My good friend Ben and I have written them together, when I wrote the first part, Ben added his part/proposals and to the last, I correct them. They are known between the two of us as "One of my own" Ben Sisko part.

Here are the last two: Ben Sisko part nine and ten.

For more information see Gallery info. Here are also the others stories from my series.…

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar The Last Airbender or it Characters. It belongs to Nickelodeon.

The character Benjamin Sisko belong to Bezsoba. :iconbezsoba:

But the characters: Sara, Soren and the others you hear about belong to me.

TrixyNetex Kiriban 23,002 by Liam2010
TrixyNetex Kiriban 23,002
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I came in and was number: 23.002... Woohooooo! 
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"One of my own."

Part 29. Ben Sisko part seven and eighth.

When the two benders can see that it is about to be imminent to the approaching battle, they pulls their cloaks off and throwing them over the rearmost of the ostrich horse. Slightly puzzled and surprised the men looking at the man with the black sleeveless blouse and the woman dressed in blue that turns towards them.
The bandits have all the time been aware that the two have been there, but it amazes them that they suddenly come face to face with them.
Yes, they have gathered them, so it's harder to keep in hiding, but therefore had they nevertheless assumed that the three had not really noticed them.

Ready for battle, goes the two benders against the bandits while Soren quickly leads the animals forward on.
Sara eyeing towards Sisko and gives him a slight nod to tell him that she is ready.
He answers her with an equally slight nod and a smirk.
Before the bandits are ready surprises Sisko them with a powerful flame whip from both his hands in a semicircle just in their head height, so that all men must duck.
Right after sending Sara two water whip against them in ankle height to sweep their legs away, so they drop and landing hard on the ground. Sara bends immediately her water back and gets ready to use her water again.
A couple of the bandits trying right away to stand up, but quickly gives Sara them a water fist in the faces of those.

Meanwhile, have Sisko shot multiple orange colored fireballs towards a few earth benders to keep them in check when they suddenly appeared from the side.
Only one of them manages to bend an earth wall up to protect himself against the flames, while the others must jump for the life.
Quickly sends Sisko more fire shots at him with the wall, to try to keep him busy, so he cannot bend back toward them, at the same time with Sisko jumps and doing his spins.
The next hop where he jumps forward swing he the one leg around and sends a flame whip towards them which Sara tries to hold down.
Again, he shoots more orange fire balls against the earth benders and thereby puts fire on one's back.
The man with the burning back throws him with the same down on the ground and roll around to try to extinguish the fire.
With a quick water shot extinguish Sara the fire on the man's back and at the same time she freezes him to the ground to neutralize him.
Sisko smiles at what she did, they needed not to raise the next level and direct hit their opponents to death.

The two benders complement each other really well and that's without they previously had agreed on anything.
But there is one thing that the fire bender wonders about. Sisko do not understand why his fireballs are orange, now when his Princess Azula has taught him to make blue fire. While he thinks about it continues the two benders their fight against the bandits.
Sara throws the next two water shot and Sisko follows on and sends two long orange fire whipping out before Sara when to bend her water back again.
Benjamin Sisko tries while he fights as good as possible to concentrate on what Azula said to him when they trained together. How she told him that he should concentrate and put more emotion in when he shoots his fire away, so the flame becomes hotter and more perfect.

Just the memory of how he trained with the Princess does, that Sisko immediately puts more effort and emotions in the fire shots that slowly gets warmer and warmer and thereby goes over in to first becomes light blue, and slowly darker and darker, so they to the last are in a fine dark blue color.
Exactly as Benjamin Sisko wants it and like his Princess would have him to do it.

Slowly stop Sara up when she notices that Sisko's flame begins to change from orange over to light blue, to eventually become dark blue flames.
Never has she seen anything like the blue flames and she is impressed. Very impressed. She is so surprised by the sight that it is just before she forgets to fight.
But it is not only his blue flame that impresses her. Also his bending style is somewhat different than anything she has previously seen. It is impressive seemed Sara.

How elegant and beautiful his movements are. The fire bender before her comes with powerful punches and kicks and sends his fire away.
It is not the power of the various fire shots that impress her, but more his fluid and graceful movements.
How he opens his hand and a blue flame leaves the palm. Again comes the fire bender around, swinging a leg around and yet a flame is leaving his limbs. His movements are the most graceful she had ever witnessed.
Only Soren's way to master the water around him seemed to her to surpass the fire bender dancing movements.
Yet she cannot get over how beautiful his dance movements are. It's like the fire obey his slightest movements without question.
The fire and the bender. They are one, actually...

"He must be a master fire bender..." says she low to herself.

Still shine her light blue eyes impressed. In front of her continues Sisko his dance. They dance around in perfect synch, reciprocate each other's movements perfectly.
The fire obeys him, but Benjamin obeys the fire as well.
Sara must almost force herself for a moment not to gaze more on the fire bender and slowly come she started to bend her water against their opponent again.

Sisko has been so concentrated on to bend and fight that he not noticed that Sara for a while have stood and stared impressed at him.
By common help they get defeated the bandits around them, so they are either unconscious, frozen or otherwise has become incapacitated.
Both of the benders are looking at each other, nods to the other and slowly begin to run in the direction in which the animals and the last of their newly formed team disappeared.

Already at the first rain barrel they pass pulls Sara water from it and get filled both her water skins again.
Sisko looking a little wondering at her while she bender the water over to her.

"When I freeze them to the ground... And other places..." says Sara to Sisko, while they still run "So I need external water source... More than can fit in my water skins."

He gives her a nod and a smirk. By she paralyzes them they are fighting, they avoid getting the entire city after them.
Right now it's just a local showdown between some bandits and some guests in town. But if the fire bender starts shooting around to the right and left to damage or in worst case to kill, they will get the whole town to be after them.
That a single fire bender is in the town, is what it is.
But if it is a Fire Nation soldier who is in town and kills will be more than most can accept.

The first they fought against slowly beginning to come to themselves and get free from the ice. They help quickly their comrades who are still unconscious or stuck in ice, so they can quickly retaliate the attack and come after the two benders.

Sisko turns away from the direction they need to go down to the grocery store where the Water Tribe man and all the animals are.
With a little luck, they can buy him some time so he can get done the things he needs to do and get safely out of the town.
All around can Sara and Sisko hear that being shouted and the bandits trying to communicate so they can try to find out where the two are gone?

In that Sara and Sisko comes around a corner, they see two bandits who are almost right in front of them.
At the last moment recognize Sara and Sisko the two bandits as those which Sara froze to the wall when they met for the first time.
Before these two men can manage to do something jumps Sisko forward by doing a somersault in the air, Sisko makes a fire mill wheel against the two opponents.
Both of the men jump in opposite directions away from the blue flames, and land almost against the wall.
Sisko has continued his run after he landed and Sara are right behind him. Just as they pass these two bandits bender she water from her water skins by crossing her arms. When she have grab in the water stretching her both arms and bender it against the two bandits.
The force of the water shot forcing them against the wall and freezes them in place.

Both men recognize the situation from before. Now they hang back with arms outstretched to the side, feet rose slightly off the ground and set up of the wall from ice.

While Sara and Sisko continue to runs can they hear behind them that one of the men says, very annoyed "This... Starting to be really annoying..."

The second look with a dumb fool glance at him and nods.

"If you ask me, it's here not worth it..." answer the other "Gradually, I think that we two have to find something else to do... Once we come down..."

Both the soldier and the young woman must struggle not to scream with laughter.

Quickly they have new persecutors after them. They succeeded, at the next corner, shaking a few of them off. Only one of them is close behind them with a sword in one hand and in that they changing direction, he cannot catch them.

"He must be a non bender..." reach Sisko to think before Sara does something about the problem.

She heard the man approaching, Sara stops abruptly and bounces her body back, until she stands behind the man.
He turns quickly towards her and lifts his sword, but not fast enough to prevent being frozen to the ground. Before he can do more Sara is already away from him again.
Before she comes up to the fire bender can Sara note that she only has water in half of her one water skins. The other is empty.

But she is not the only one who has problems. In front of Sisko stand three earth benders that begin to throw bended earth after him.
Sisko answer immediately, he lifts one leg at a time and kick the incoming stone away from himself. While every kick bender he fire at them from both his hands before he gets his other leg up and kick with it.
Depending on what it is either with his feet or hands, he makes blue fireballs with. When Sisko gets the supremacy over the three, he shoots first once with each hand and finishes with a flame from one foot. He uses two outstretched fingers for better aim and concentrates his blue flame.
A single of the earth benders boulders comes through his parades, and to avoid it Sisko goes down into a split. As soon as the boulder is passed forcing he himself back up using pure muscle power in the legs.
Sara becomes for a moment impressed with his agility. Once Sisko is up again he sends immediately yet a flame against them.
Again he kicks with one leg out against them, and there leaves a blue flame from his body. While he moves forward, he moves around himself and throws with the other foot. Once again must the three earth benders struggle to get out of they blue flames range. The water bender has not been passive during the fight, but has been waiting for the moment when she has free shooting at the three.
Quick after each other, becomes the three bandits eliminated from an ice hard water fist. All three falls unconscious to the ground, and even before they land, are the two benders further again.
For safety's sake, Sara keeps the remainder of her water on her right hand, so she is ready for any new attacks from the bandits.

They continue their further fight around the city. The two benders have a good cooperation, and try to withdraw their fighting as long as possible to buy Soren as much time as possible.
Because Sara continues to use her water to paralyze or freeze people fast she runs constantly out of water.
Every time they see a rainwater barrel, she rushes her to fill her water skins again. At the same time she takes extra water on both her arms.
In the meantime, places Sisko himself so that he can protect her for they opponents who might be nearby.
They begin to have a close good cooperation where they combine their two types of bending.
Sisko's is typically being used to attack or confusion where Sara's being used to hit people down or paralyze and defense.

Sara has discovered that when Sisko makes his series of fire bending techniques, some of those in a way similar to that Soren and she has trained together. Yes, he is fire bender, but some of the movements have the same graceful movements as water bender's movements.
So when the fire bender makes his series she comes in and supports his attack or defense. In the same way have Sisko discovered that the female water bender complements his attacks when he is doing some specific series.
Depending upon they need, she makes a ring of water which rotating around their bodies. The ring she uses both to defend both of them, but also to attack their opponents.
Sisko pushing them in a situation where Sara either beats them out with a water fist or freeze them to walls or the ground, all after what they can get them pushed towards.

Gradually, it seems as though the two have trained together all their lives. It is no longer necessary for them to talk together as they should do in the beginning, in order to complement each other.
When Sisko makes a movement knows Sara what she must do to continue the attack or their defense.
The few times they succeed their opponents to get a stone or a knife through their defense, so that one of them becomes slightly injured, Sara healer quickly the injured, so they do not become weakened by minor cuts or lacerations.
Sisko is so focused on the fight that he did not notice that Sara healer him while they fighting.
He experiences that it feels as if he gets hit and injured on his arms or elsewhere, but when he gets time to look at his arm, there is nothing to see.
However, he has discovered that he in between feels a wet hand on him, but took it as she changes position and then uses him as support.

Yamanto wrinkles his brow. What is this for a racket that is in front of him? He already has a big headache for the day's adventures. He takes both hands up to his temples and make small circular movements while he pressed.
After Jinta has left him again, is Yamanto now on the way home. He has had enough of that here today. Now he wants just home to bed and he hopes that it can help the headache he has received.
But the yelling and screaming that is thought to have the direction towards him. Annoyed, yet at the same time curiously, he looks towards the sound, and it does not take long before he gets big eyes.

Sisko comes well enough in front, but Sara is just behind him, and it is her Yamanto sees first.
Before the two benders when doing something that placed Yamanto him quite close to a wall, trying to make himself invisible to them while they run past him.
He wants no more to have to do with the Water Tribe woman and runs as fast as he can toward his home after they have run past him.
One thing is certain, he will never offend anyone again. And certainly not women from the Water Tribe.

Sara struggles to keep her Blood Rage down and she pinched her eyes for Sisko cannot see the white in her light blue eyes are very bloodshot.
Not that he have looked for it, but more so he will not discover it if he looks at her eyes.
Although she has reasonable control over the Blood Rage begins her left hand still to shake because of it. It's as if her blessing is an eternal threat to her desire not to kill others.
She is glad that they so far only have injured people, and not killed anyone. For it had happened, she is confident that she would be gone completely in Blood Rage and that no opponent would be able to know themselves safe.
Maybe also not the fire bender beside her could be sure...

Their pursuers begin to encircle them. All the city's other innocent civilians have used their chances and have come indoors. Thereby are the streets fully left to the bandits and Sara and Sisko.
Their plan to Sara and Sisko should to take care of the bandits seem to be working.
Soren so far have got peace and come without problems down to the fence. Quickly and efficiently, he started to get reload the animals so that their load is more balanced.

Back at the two fighting benders they are beginning to have problems. Every time they come round a corner, one or more of the bandits is about to make ambushes on them.
So far, have their common skills and use of each other's bending succeed, and they have could fight their way out of trouble each time.
Still, it is reasonable bloodless, but unfortunately can both benders feel that they are getting more and more pressed.

At the next corner stands an earth bender just behind the corner and is ready to attack with a large heavy stone floating in the air. Because they are on the opposite corner in relation to the earth bender reach Sisko to see it.
At the last moment he throws a great and powerful blue fireball from his right hand while he pushes Sara to the left to draw attention to the stone and at the same time pushing her away from the stone's direction.
The blue fireball encloses the earth benders arm and shoulder, and while it burns him falling the stone to the ground just in front of them.
In a loud cry fall the bandit on the ground and try to roll around to extinguish the fire.

Without realizing that she does it, she presses her hand against her mouth. Sara is a little shock of it, and the opponent's screams does not it better for her.
Seeing the arm in flames where the skin almost burns on him is not a pretty sight for the young woman. It is her first real fight, and she sees how brutal battle can be.
Sara's emotional situation by the sight is that she becomes affected in both positive and negative direction in the relationship with her Blood Rage.
For a moment it is completely gone and she is clear-headed, but at the same time it is also in full outbreaks.

He cuts his teeth and Sisko curse under his breath, this here is just what they both tried to avoid all the time. But now it happened anyway and it seems that the man might not lose his arm by it, though it's not a pretty sight.
Sisko is about to move on when he discovers that the young woman is frozen to the ground. Sara's facial expression is still filled with horror.

Although she stands with fully open eyes, it is not a problem for Sara in relations with her Blood Rage as her eyes are completely white.
The clear moment she experiences does that all the red is pulled out of her eyes for a brief moment. But still she is frozen in shock at what she sees.

Sisko's military training appears it now. He hurries over to the young woman takes hold of her arm on the bare piece of skin over the heavy gold arm rings she wears.
With determination he gets pushed her forward again and they come slowly up in running pace again. To keep her a little going keeps Sisko his hand on her arm while they run further.
Because they slow down slightly again because they must around a corner, notice Sisko with the fingertips, feels that there is a slight difference in the skin where Sara have her blue/white tattoo.

Suddenly he catches sight of the tattoo on Sara's left upper arm where his hand is. Previously he has not noticed it that she had a tattoo.
Neither when they switched to the cloaks nor after they took the cloaks off again. Curious, he moves his thumb in order to better admire the tattoo.
Sisko gets a smile on his lips. Both about the quality of the tattoo, but also because the blue and white colors stands so good to her tan color skin.

"Wow... What a beautiful tattoo... I like it..." says Sisko with a warm voice.

Sara has just followed the fire bender. She is slowly getting out of her lighter shock mode and when Sisko talk admiringly about her tattoo, she becomes so startled by the comment that she, as it is out of context, becomes quite clear in the head of it.
She begins to smile at him and she gets a pair of warm amber yellow eyes back.

"Thank you... It's 'The Mark of the water bender'..." she answers with pride in her voice.

Sisko nods to her.

"I know well the symbol..." he answers understanding "I know something of your culture."

Sara smile a little more to him while he releases his grip on her arm.

A little worried asks the fire bender "Are you well again...?"

The water bender nods and slowly they try to pick up the pace again.

Their pursuing have not become frightened that one of their own has been badly wounded, but instead intensifies the hunt for the two benders.
By shout more to each other, they try to communicate, so in this way to pinpoint the two benders.
Nothing goes Sara and Sisko past, and the two try to work against the bandits plan. In that way succeeds it again and again for them to escape to places where they only have to pass through one or two opponents.
Again combining they their two ways of bending on. Sisko starts with to do an attack, after which Sara follow up to either freeze them or beat them unconscious with her water. Whether they are earth benders or just ordinary bandits with weapons does not matter for the two.
Their only goal is to buy Soren the time he needs to get out of town with the animals and at the same time come themselves unharmed out of the city after him.

Again they hear on the bandits shouting that they are about to be surrounded.

"Come with..." says Sisko slightly breathless and leads Sara off a slightly wider road.

Suddenly appears five opponents up in front of them. Sisko read the situation. This is going to take too much time if they have to fight with the bandits in the normal manner. Although they both are talented, will the time they need to use, give the other bandits opportunity to catch up with them, and thus they will be in an even worse situation than they are now.
A little surprised see Sisko how Sara pulls water over from a rainwater barrel, so she can fill her water skin and at the same time having a portion of water on one arm.
To Sisko's joy is the barrel still reasonably filled with water.

"Knock down the barrel and get the water bended out on the street..." he shouts and begins making circular motions with his arms.

Sara looks for a brief moment at him while she grabs a hard hold of the water be using her bending.
The pull is so hard that the barrel without any problems roll over, and the water thereby becomes scattered across the street in front of them using her bending.
Even before the water reaches the last of the five bandits are Sisko about done with his circular motions, and the sparks run down his arms. He leads the fingers together before he extends his arm and fires a lightning shot.
The lightning hit into the water and electrifies it. Thereby become the five opponents hit by the electric shock and they fall all shaky around when the current disappear.

Sara stands with open mouth and staring deeply impressed on the fire bender before her. She has never seen anything like it. Little has she heard of lightning bending, but to experience it cannot be compared.
Sisko stands with a smirk. He knows exactly how it is experienced for someone who has never seen a lightning before. So it surprises him not that Sara is so deeply impressed with him.
With a big smile on his lips, he takes hold of her one hand to get her with him.

"Come... We must continue..." he says with a little laugh.

To better cope with the heat, Soren has taken the dark gray cloak of and hung it over the fence.
Quickly, efficiently and systematically he gets reload every one of ostrich horses, so the weight to suit the individual animal and its ability.
In bare upper body and still with the white Sarashi wraps around his forearms, he works so that the sweat almost runs off him.
The merchant's two teenage daughters looking affectionately at Soren while they bluntly enjoy the sight of the muscular Water Tribe man.
Both girls standing at the fence with a hand under the chin and cannot take their respectively green and brown eyes from him.
They can quick to agree that it is one of the better days in their father's shop which irritates their father some.

A little at a distance stands the merchant frowning, arms crossed and cannot decide whether he should pick up his daughters in to the store, or if he should just do as nothing.
The man from the Water Tribe looks as if he is fully occupied with his duties, and he does not notice neither his two new admire or the merchant.
But again, when it comes to it, he is already occupied, so there should be no danger of that something is going to happening with his daughters' virginity.
So even though it is against the merchant father's heart, he turns slowly around and walks into the store again.
Why not give the girls something to dream about? He has himself been young once.

Soren begins to bind the last ostrich horse fixed to one of the two lead lines which Sara and he always use in order to keep the assembling on the animals.
He straightens up and wipes the sweat from his forehead with one back of the hand. Suddenly, can he hear someone giggling low.
Curious, he looks out to both sides of the corner of his eye, but immediately he cannot see anyone.
Since the low giggles come again eyeing he slowly over one shoulder and discovers two new admirers who still stand by the fence.
With a small charming smile he looks at the girls and right away giggles they back to him over that they have been discovered.

With a slight shake of the head begins Soren to water bend all the sweat from him, and thereby dries himself.
With a little quick jumps he jumps over the fence at the same time with that the hand that supported on the fence when he jumped takes his cloak with.
The two young girls follows admiring Soren with their eyes while he moves around over towards the place where Sara and Soren store their belongings.

Within Soren begins getting ready to leave, he finds a small bag forward which he begins to pack with some small items. In addition to some food packs he also some clean underwear for both of them and some toiletries.
He had thought that their two sleeping bags, the little bag and the fire benders backpack should be divided among four of the ostrich horses.

As the last he chooses to take his tunic back on and place the two water skins on their place.
For a moment he stands with the dark gray cloak between his hands, in a way it's too hot also to have it on, but he has nonetheless intends to keep it over the tunic.
In any case until he is well out of the city. Again, his dark blue Water Tribe clothing is easy to recognize, even from a long distance.

When he comes out again, he has pulled the hood up, and he hears the two young girls sigh annoyed that they cannot see him properly more.
Soren eyeing against them. With a slight shake of the head he goes to the gate in the fence and opens it.
The two front ostrich horses stands already ready and Soren takes the two bound together lead liner and begin to walk away with all the animals southwards.
Behind him he hears several cheerful sounds from the animals even though they are well loaded. It is as if they are pleased they finally go out and walking again.

Takasu, who is the leader of the bandits, who throughout the day have hunted Sisko and his two new acquaintances. From when he got the first announcement of an apparently wealthy young man to the first failed ambush on him has Takasu's day changed from being good, now to be extremely poor.
Takasu wrinkles his forehead in anger. He was initially pleased when they found out that the man was still in the city, and that his men had prepared a new attack on him and the two aides, who apparently also were with him.
But then it all went wrong. First disappear one of them, probably a man. The other two turns out to be a fire bender man and a water bender woman.

The two benders have managed to keep his gang in check and beat them or freeze them solid to different things.
Although they have tried in various ways to take them, it's now resulted in that one of his men have become severely burned on his arm and shoulder, five lying unconscious after receiving current from lightning and beyond there are many who have received minor injuries from burns and frostbite.
But the worst thing that has happened to Takasu is that the damn fire bender and water bender has shown the city that the gang is not as strong as they have expressed.
That it is possible for just two people, that well enough are benders, without problems just, can beat almost all of his gang out.
There is a great risk to the city after this will lose the fear they until now have had for them.

Now must Takasu himself step forward and take control of his men and the two benders. He is himself a good earth bender, even a master, and he should without problems could put the two strangers in place.
Yet again he curses the man from the Fire Nation and the woman from the Water Tribe to have destroyed both his day and his reputation in the city.

His Silver Combat Knife comes slowly forward from his back. Silent come Sisko they last steps to the bandit and he gets a little further down in the knees so the man has not so easily to detect him.
Hanbei discovers not the fire bender before the silver blade is on his throat. The blade is so sharp that it without problem cutting the skin of Hanbei's throat when he draws a breath and move the throat by it.
Although Sisko do not need to stress the seriousness, Sisko takes hold of the man's shoulder and pulls him slowly with him.

"Your name...?" asks Sisko almost whispering and looking around.

Hanbei curse under his breath, what want the fire bender of him?

"Hanbei..." he answers finally, but first after Sisko has looked with evil amber yellow eyes at him.

"Well... Hanbei..." continued the soldier "I want to know how many of you are here right around?"

Hanbei looking a little surprised at the fire bender and can see how the water bender woman keeps watch for them.  

"And why should I help you...?" asks the bandit low "Who says that you will let me go after it...?"

Sisko smiles evil to him.

"You have nothing but my word... But choose you to remain silent can you guess what happens..." says Sisko with a cold tone of voice.

Hanbei looking uncertainly into the stranger's amber yellow eyes. He does not like what he sees.

The foreign woman comes slowly towards the two men.

"I could bend some water into his manhood... And then freeze the water to ice..." says Sara with the same cold tone of voice as Sisko.

Hanbei's gray eyes get big and he looks alternately at the two benders. Both have the most evil smile on and he is in no doubt that they will carry out their threats if he does not give them the information they want.
Quickly he makes up his mind that none of his friends are worth to cover over against their threats.
Especially that with water up in his manhood he does not want to try...

While Hanbei explaining where they nearest people are, and how the two strangers most easily and most unseen can get out of the city can Sara and Sisko not help but smile inside about their plan worked.
Sisko suggested to Sara that they should try to take a prisoner and get some information from him. Should his initial threats do not seem to be working, had Sara take over and come up with additional threats. The old method of Bad Cop and More Bad Cop.
Sara could see the fun in it and was with the idea right away.

After Sisko has beaten Hanbei in the forehead with his Silver Combat Knife, so that he becomes unconscious, pulls Sara and Sisko him into a corner where they leave him up of a water barrel.
Sara exploits at the same time again to fill her water skin. With a devilish smile at each other disappear the two benders in the direction according Hanbei should be the easiest to get out of town.

It goes well for them until they is about to pass a low wall after which they will be out of the city.
By a simple coincidence, it turns out that they are surrounded by six bandits. Good enough is the bandits at a little distance from them while still so close that they cannot manage to escape from them.
Quickly placed Sara and Sisko themselves with their backs against each other. The bandits coming quickly toward them with their swords and spears.
There are also two earth benders between the bandits, there is ready with some big clumps of bent earth.

Before any of the bandits when to do something, is fire and water already underway. By turning around together, still back to back, bender Sisko blue fire out while Sara strikes around with her water whip.
The fire bender bounces and jumps, by which he forces his body around and makes the most incredible movements while his blue flame leaves his limbs.
The water benders graceful movements are almost at the height with the fire benders dancing movements. Her water whip takes care of the different bandits, which the fire bender has not already put down.
The two earth benders do not get a living chance, while they blue flames encloses them. Only their skill does that they just can avoid Sisko's blue fire.
But even before they get back on their feet Sara jumps into the air and put them down with her water.

A last look from the two strangers benders on the six opponents they have defeated, while Sara bending her water back into her water skin, after which they with satisfied smile, elegant jumps over the low wall and run away from the city.
Both Sara and Sisko cannot help but smile laughing to each other. Both are very satisfied with the teamwork with the other bender.

Outside the city already quite a distance to the south, but where he can still see the city, turning Soren around and looks curiously after the other two. For him, they may well soon emerge, so they can travel further.
He let go of the lead line and let the two front ostrich horses lead the other a little further as he looks toward the city.
Soren gritting his teeth, it irritates him that Sara is in combat without him. Although he is only infatuated in her, no, maybe he loves her, he wants to protect her. He just wants to hug her, hold her, to tell her that he loves her... If anything happens to her, then he could not do it and he could never forgive himself for it...
Still is Kaori Kim dominant in his heart, but Sara is also there... Can he tell her that he loves Sara? Again he becomes in doubt about it.
Soren still love Kaori Kim, but he is slowly beginning to love Sara...

Damn it... His mind has once again led him down the same road. Why can he not keep his thoughts focused on the normal appropriate patterns? Why has Sara such an effect on him? When she is not around him, he cannot think of anything other than her and that does not take long before Kaori Kim also sneaks into his thoughts...
The eternal struggle in between the two great loves detail in his life... or what they are?

Finally, he sees a movement in front of him that can distract him from those unhelpful thoughts.
Soren can see how the other two working them up over a hill top and run against him. Already at a distance, she can see the big smile he has on his lips and Sara begins to run faster.
Sisko must smile at them, he looks curiously after her. As always she comes in front of him, and again he cannot see the face of the strange man from the Water Tribe.

Soren takes a couple of steps toward her before they run into each other's arms. With arms tightly around each other bury Sara her face in the upper of his chest.
Soren takes hold of the back of her head and getting also a hold of her long braid. He breathes in the scent of her hair and smiles glad that they are both in good standing.

"Everything went well...?" asks Soren addressed to Sisko, even though he cannot see him for Sara.

Sisko nods with a big satisfied smile.

"Yes... Maybe we have shaken those of us..." answer the fire bender "We had in any case stopped many of them..."

Sara pulls her head slightly free from Soren's chest so she better can look up at him.

"Yes, we have fortunately not killed anyone..." she adds with relief in her voice.

She had hoped that a pair of dazzling blue eyes would look at her, but instead she can see that Soren looking over her head in the direction of the city.

He should have been pleased to hear what the other two have to tell, but there is something that caught his attention.
Something that begins to move up towards them and Soren's eyebrows quiver over it.
Sisko discovers the water bender's changed facial expressions in that of his face Sisko can see for Sara's dark brown hair and his hood.

Before Sisko can say something, says Soren so calmly that it surprised the other two "You are not alone... The others are still after you..."

Quickly turning Sisko around and Sara free her selves from Soren, so she also can turn around.
From a distance, the two others can see what it is Soren has seen. Namely that four men coming towards them something further away from them.
The four men stop and look up at them. For the three benders, it looks as if the four men assess their situation and choose to keep them on a distance.

Sisko's amber yellow eyes lightning with rage. It annoys him cruelly that the bandits have not given up.

"Damn it, I had expected they would not more..." cursing the fire bender "Not after everything we've done to them..."

He looks over to Sara and Soren, which still stands relatively close to each other. As usual, covering Sara's head right in front of Soren's face, so Sisko again can only see the top of his head.

"Maybe we should have taken a few of them out...?" says the soldier, mostly addressed to the young woman.

"Maybe... Nope..." answer Sara low "When it comes to it, I am glad that we have acted as we did..."

Both the soldier and the warrior understand well the young woman. It is her first real fight against other people, not a fight where there has been a question of fighting to kill or preserve its own life.
They times Soren has been in combat, he has fought to preserve his own life, and able to continue his journey while Sisko has fought to preserve his nation's honor, but there have also been situations where he has fought to preserve his own life.
The fight Sara and Sisko have been in today having on the other hand has been to avoid that some bandits came and stole their belongings.
Had they confronted the bandits, and then given them what they wanted, they would probably have been allowed to go when they had handed over everything to the bandits.

Soren narrows his blue eyes, he takes a decision on all three's behalf. He turns around and walks the few steps over to the last ostrich horse while he pulls his dark gray cloak of.
Sara looking curiously at him, sees how he puts the cloak up over the horse and how he begins getting ready for battle.
Although it is not really necessary he checks the water skins are filled, his Battle Club is in place and that the all-black knife is ready to be drawn under his tunic.
Sara biting her lower lip, she have already an idea of what's Soren will and she begins to go closer to him.

She comes very close to him before she asks "What will you...? You are up to something...?"

He turns around towards her and looking at her with serious blue eyes.

"I will stay and wait for them." says Soren calmly and Sisko turns toward the two.

"You two are a little tired after of your fighting." continues the water bender and comes with a small calming smile to Sara.

She lifts her right hand, leads the hand under Soren's tunic and puts it directly on his skin over his heart.
One little moment he looks at the hand before Soren do the same to Sara.

Slowly they get their foreheads against each other while they begin to feel each other's blood. Both use their water bending to feel the other's blood.
They stand both with closed eyes and taking deep breaths whereby they breathe each other's air.

"What will you...?" she asks calmly while she can feel that his blood is completely calmly.

"I will give them hell..." he answers with cold voice.

Although Sara's blood is burning hot freezes it for a moment and he can feel it.

"First, will they get a warning. Do they not understand it..." continues Soren with calm but still cold voice "Will it thereafter become serious..."

Slowly they open their eyes again and looking lovingly at each other.

Sisko choose to look away from them and give the two lovers from the Water Tribes their peace.
The man's idea is not stupid, even though he will be alone against them. The man is fresh, the woman and himself is little used after the long fight against the bandits.
The bandits will be the same, so he should have a good advantage against them, even though Sisko do not know how the strange man is in combat for a long time.
Perhaps should Sisko stay back together with him, and then let the woman lead the ostrich horses further herself.

Sara is trying to turn around to leave him, but failed. She cannot tear her light blue eyes away from his blue no matter how hard she tries.
They blue eyes... They are so full of love for her, and thereby becomes her attempts to turn around deliberately made completely useless.
Sara does not have enough willpower to leave him that way.

Before Soren have moved his hand from her heart, she has moved her hand away, encircled his neck with her arms and pressed her red lips against his. His hands move instinctively to her waist, pulling her close to him and let him become enveloped by her.
Sara seeking his tongue with hers, Soren reacts to her slightly desperate kiss while she begins to caress his face lovingly.
She closes her eyes tight and tries not to think that it could be the last time she ever does it.
Was it the same by Soren when she stayed back with the fire bender?

Slowly separated their lips apart from their deep and passionate kiss, both taste on their lips and Sara must smile a little.
On Soren's mouth, there is several places red color of her lipstick from her little wild and at the same time a little desperate kiss.

"You smile..." he asks curiously "Is there something?"

She moves her thumb over his mouth to wipe away the remains of her lipstick.

"Yeah... You're red around the mouth of my lipstick..." she says low and becomes finish.

Sisko has the biggest smile on his lips, and looking over towards the two kissing. He cannot see it for the woman, but he can easily imagine how the water tribe man must look with red lipstick on his face.
He tries to suppress a laugh and biting into his hand. Although there are very difficult for him, it succeeds only just for Sisko, he does not want to spoil the romantic moment for the two lovers.
Nevertheless he stands with the biggest smile one can imagine on his lips.

His fingertips touching gently on her tattoo, it's like Soren has it just as hard to tear him from Sara which she had it to tear her from him.

"As soon as I gained control of them..." he addressed to them both "And has ensured me that they do not want more, I'm coming after you..."

Sara comes with a little smile.

"You have to expect that you're going to run..." says Sisko, who stands on the other side of an ostrich horse.

"We will have to move at a high pace to come forward and buy you more time..." continues the soldier and takes hold of the saddle bag.

He can see that the weight, as agreed, is evenly distributed among the different animals. Sisko smiles with a smirk, with the woman to lead the animals and that she knows the animals and know what they can, they will be able to move quickly without they overburdening some of the animals.

"We'd better get going..." says Sara without she actually wants to go from Soren.

"Yes..." answer Sisko and tries one last time to get eye contact with the warrior.

Also not this time he succeeds, as there still stands an ostrich horse between them.

"I expect we will meet again... Soon..." says the fire bender and begin walking up towards the front of the column of animals.

"That can you be sure of..." answer the water bender while he reluctantly pulls him free from Sara.

Both let their hands run down of the other's arms, for a moment reach Sara to keep hold of Soren's fingertips with her before they completely let go of each other.

Soren moves out to the left side of the last ostrich horses. He will try to find a place where he unnoticed can monitor the road and at the same time he will be able to strike with an ambush if it should become necessary.
By he goes out to the left side, it looks for the bandits as if he still follows the caravan of animals, since they did not discover that he disappears from them.

Both Sara and Sisko looking after him while they both begin to lead the animals away on the road to the south.
Again wonder the fire bender, that in one way or another have failed the two men to see each other properly.
In a way, it's fun, that fate has played them a little...

Just before they are completely out of Eyesight from where Soren has been hiding, turns Sara around and stares with longingly at the point where she last saw him.
She cannot see if he's still in the area or whether he has found a better place to wait for the bandits.
Sara remains standing a little time and stare after him, but when she has become passing by all the animals she feels that she needs to move on again.
She turns around quickly and almost runs up to the front of the caravan, where the male fire bender are waiting for her.
Sisko receives Sara with a small reassuring smile and nods to her, as if to say that it will go well.
Sara blushes slightly above it, moving a few loose dark brown hairs from her braid from her face behind her ear and looking with her light blue eyes at him.
She is happy that the man from the Fire Nation shows sympathy with her and she smiles more certainly back to Sisko.
One of my own. Part 29.

"Fire and water... Two contrast... Who could know that fire and water can be so strong together...?"

Prehistory to "I will keep you" of Bezsoba. :iconbezsoba:

Sequel to "The Hunted and The Helping." and the further continuation of the prehistory to why Princess Azula has a water bender in her service.

Here are the specific parts where there is a co writer with me. My good friend Ben and I have written them together, when I wrote the first part, Ben added his part/proposals and to the last, I correct them. They are known between the two of us as "One of my own" Ben Sisko part.

Here are the next two: Ben Sisko part seven and eighth.

For more information see Gallery info. Here are also the others stories from my series.…

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar The Last Airbender or it Characters. It belongs to Nickelodeon.

The character Benjamin Sisko belong to Bezsoba. :iconbezsoba:

But the characters: Sara, Soren and the others you hear about belong to me.



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Liam2010 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Okay! ^^
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SSJ4Truntanks Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
Happy b-day
Liam2010 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you my good friend. :hug:
Erwin0859 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
Happy birthday~ ! :hug: :D :cake:
Liam2010 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you my good friend. :hug:
Erwin0859 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
Anytime~ :hug:
Liam2010 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Still thanks. Man Hug 
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