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"One of my own."

Part 28. Ben Sisko part five and six.

It turns out that in the bottom of the alley is a part of boxes which are stacked, which they can hide behind, so they are not visible from the road.
Barely are they come around the boxes before the two water benders take their water skins and opens their white belts. When they change throws the two water benders just the clothes without even thinking about that they are not alone.
It wonders Sisko that especially Sara just gets undress in front of a stranger as he begins to take its dark green upper part of.
Under Sisko's upper part, he has a black sleeveless blouse, which he chooses to keep on before he pulls the new cloak over his head.
Soren, on the other hand, is bare-chested under his tunic, and chooses to remain so under the cloak. That is why he also quickly is wearing the new cloak.

Within the cloak is in place can Sisko see how Soren has placed his black close combat knife across the back so it can be taken by his left hand.
It puzzled him a little earlier where the woman had got the knife from, but now is it then a natural explanation.
One moment he comes to admire the strange man's tan colored, broad muscular back.

"Okay that is something." Sisko thinks for himself, with an almost invisible nod, showing he is impressed

Just as Soren Sara has also bare torso under her tunic. However, she is wearing her white triangle top of silk.
When Sisko's eyes fall on Sara wonder that him still, she just stands, almost topless in front of a stranger. And even without it seeming to bother her, almost as if it falls natural for her.
Sisko's eyes fall quickly to the breasts, which are clearly visible under the white top. Especially her nipples are clearly visible through the fabric, since they have become a bit stiff from excitement after they have been in battle and subsequently tried to shake off their pursuers.
For a brief moment he admired her beautiful muscular body. Like the man, she is extremely well trained and that is just before she enchants him with her natural beauty.
Soon after their first encounter, when they accidently ran at each other, it become obvious to the fire bender that the girl has a certain interest in him, it’s a natural gift of his to read people very well.

"Well... Not as if I would like what I see." he sarcastically commented on his own attitude, just in thought, but as for a professional his mission was the first priority.

Yes the women was interested and for him easy to read, the male on the other hand, seemed to be very private. None of his feelings shown on his face, he is a warrior, a true professional just like Sisko.

"Maybe I can turn her interest to my advantage." he thinks lastly, not with bad intentions only to achieve his goal and complete his mission.

Till now he was carefully eyeing Sara’s beautiful feminine body, but now Sisko gently turn his head away from her, showing being shy or as he would rather not have the man discovers that he looks at the woman, since the two are clearly a couple.

Sara eyeing towards Sisko as she can see his fascination with her and at the same time she enjoys his obvious admiration. She bites her lip, as it turns her a little.
Both that he enjoys her, but also what she sees at him. A slim, muscular and beautiful fire bender.
While she stands and admire the stranger's body annoys her over that he has not bare torso because she would have enjoyed more of his appearance.
Sara moves a few loose hairs from her forehead and eyeing one last time towards Sisko before he gets his cloak completely on.

After all three has got their coats on and taken the hoods up over the head takes the two water benders again their water skins. Both water benders bind their water skins on their back in hip level under their long capes.
Then they can, if need be still grab the water, although it is a little more difficult than usual.

"I must have filled my one skin..." says Sara when she becomes finished to tie them in place.

"The same here..." answer Soren while he gets his Battle Club placed underneath the coat.

Sisko has in the meantime gone a little from them, to see if there is anyone who has followed them when they walked into the alley.
But still they are only the three.

Just after the fire bender is gone from the two water benders looking Soren curiously after the man.

"Sara... Did you notice the knife he has on his back...?" asks Soren curiously "It's a Silver Combat Knife..."

She looks up at him, while his eyes return to her.

"Silver Combat Knife...? Is it something special...?" answer Sara with wonder in her voice.

"Yes... It is certainly not standard equipment for a Fire Nation soldier..." he answers and takes him to his chin while he thinks about it.

He holds thumb on the chin while the index finger scratches underneath.

"Can we trust him...?" she asks as she seems subject should come up now as they have a moment where they can talk alone together.

Her light blue eyes light of a mix between curiosity and concern.

"I do not see any reason that we cannot trust him... Like you, I have nothing outstanding with the Fire Nation..." answer the warrior "So why not...? So far we can easily help each other..."

Both of the water benders nods slightly to each other and leaning towards each other to exchange a gentle kiss.

Quickly turns Sisko back to them and find them sitting on their knees while they pack their tunics together.
He looks at them, and sits down next to the two water benders to also do the same with his dark green upper part.

Quickly becomes the all three finished and Sisko leads them out of the alley again.
At the end, he stands just a moment and look left and right before they step out on the street.
Although neither Sisko's upper part or the two water tribes tunics not wrapped in, no one pay attention to them because they folded and looks like something they could have bought in the market.
Sisko has his upper part under one arm, Soren has both of tunics and the package with the fabric which they previously bought in the arms in front of him while Sara has they small bags with small items they purchased in one hand.
In this way, they just look like three who have purchased in large quantities of different fabrics and other necessities.

They continue their further walk around town while they avoid getting attention. After the worst midday heat is about to be over begins again to get more people on the street. It helps to make it easier for them to disappear into the crowd.
Benjamin Sisko looks carefully around at the people they meet, but do not see any of the types that have been chasing him.
Whether it is because they have come across on the other end of town, or whether the criminals simply lost track he does not know. But right now he enjoys that he was not being followed.

When they pass a rainwater barrel looks Sara curiously at it. The barrel is reasonably filled with water, and the water looks reasonably clear.
Quickly dots she Soren on the arm while she nods in the direction of the barrel and he quickly understands what she means. Quickly place they both their packages and clothing on one arm while they elegant throws the cloak over the shoulder with the other.
Both of them open their empty water skin, and with a quick hand movement is both of the water skins filled, after which they got the cloak in place and again placed the goods in both hands.
It only took a few seconds to get their water skins filled, so no, not even Sisko discovered they filled them.

Soren looking at the man in front of him, which he does not know the name of. It wonder him a little that he still has not seen the man's face.
Every time he has tried to look at him, he has either the back or the side to, or have Sara was between them, so he did not see anything.
What he has seen of him is only that the man is light-skinned and that he might have some beard, but Soren is not sure.

Soren is not the only one who goes and wonders that he has not seen the other man's face. Sisko has more or less the same thoughts as Soren. The fire bender is even not sure whether the man is a water bender, or whether he just helps the woman to wear a pair of extra water skins for her.
He has only seen the woman bending and the number she did with that bending his two pursuers on the wall seems he still was a fun idea. Sisko gets a smirk on his lips.

Without any of the two male benders have agreed anything, both try to look at the other to see if he could see the face.
But just as it is beginning to succeed for them Sara goes in between them. Not to hide the faces of each other, but completely random.
Both of them wrinkles they forehead above it. That Soren managed to see before Sara got in the way was that the man probably has a little beard, and possibly amber yellow eyes, but the color of the man's hair is, he cannot see for the cloak.
At Sisko, it is the opposite. He knows that hair color is dark blond, set up in a fun ponytail, but the other man's face, he has not really been able to see, let alone his eye color.
It was difficult with the narrowed eyes and then came the woman in the way.

They continue their further walk, while the two men wondering how they can get to see the other man's face. When Sisko hear that Soren tense breathing of the heat he begins to get an idea.

"Maybe we should try to get away from the street for some time..." says the soldier while he walks down a bit in pace.

"Then we can sit down a bit so we can save our strength..." he continues while he turning a little on his head to hear what the two say to his proposal.

"A cup of tea could be good now..." suggests the warrior with a smile "Although tea is hot, it is good in the heat..."

Sara also comes with a smile.

"Yes, I am on it... I could use both to sit down a little and get something to drink..." she answers with a laugh.

Sisko smiles surprised, a cup of tea could actually be good now. It surprised him a little that he has just run into two from the Water Tribe, who also likes good tea.
In all his time when he has been away from the Fire Nation, he has only met a few, there were tea lovers like himself, he is slightly beginning to like this two.

After they have been looking little, they find finally a tea salon. They go into the almost empty salon and look for an empty table in a corner where they can sit in peace. At the same time, neither Soren nor Sisko want to sit too close to the windows, so that their persecutors will see them through the window.

"My Love... I pick tea... Can you find a good place to sit...?" says Soren while Sara takes against the tunics and package.

Sisko smiles. He seems himself, he just found a really good place. In one corner, furthest away from the windows are ceiling light gone out, so it's quite dark over there. With their dark gray cloaks, they almost become invisible over there.

"Come with me... I have found a good place for us..." says Sisko addressed to Sara, who nods and quickly she follows him.

Soren come quickly return with a tray with three mugs of tea on. Meanwhile, Sara and Sisko placed on either side of the table, and quite naturally set Soren down beside Sara. After he received a kiss from her, he shares the mugs with tea out to all three.
Curious, they look all three at each other for the first time. But in the darkness, they have difficulty seeing how each other look like.
They can only just make out the rough facial features. Even Sara's red lips are hard to see in the dark and Sisko moving his glance toward the man beside her.
For the first time Soren and Sisko looking at each other, but they have never seen properly how the other looks out because of the darkness.

Sisko are looking at the two sets of blue eyes. They are the only thing that properly lights up in the darkness, as their tan colored skin makes them almost blends in with the shadows from their cloaks's hoods.
The man looks very common out, maybe a little older than himself. Otherwise it does not look like there's something special about him other than his funny hair hairstyle.
Again, it is the woman who steals most of his attention when he becomes captivated by her braid fell down in front of her one shoulder so that just can see in front of the cloak.

Soren smiles slightly. So the man from the Fire Nation anyway has a small beard down his cheeks and chin. In the darkness seemed Soren also that he can see that he has amber yellow eyes, as Sara previously said to him. With a smirk he takes around his tea mugs and lifts it up.

"Shall we taste the green tea...?" asks the warrior low and looking at the other two.

The other two do as Soren, also takes around their mugs and lifts it to the lips. Almost simultaneously take all three of the first sip of tea.

When they get the tea in the mouth, it just before all three are by spitting the tea out again. Only their individual upbringing means that they can force the teen down.

"What in the hell..." gangs Soren low "Have they beaten the tea to death with a wet washcloth...?"

Sisko nods before he asks "And why the hell is it cold...?"

He takes a hand and wipes his mouth and tongue with the back of the hand. Sara sitting and scratching her tongue with her teeth to get the nasty taste away from the tongue.

"This tea... It would Madam Eri never have served to anyone..." she mumbles low while she tries to remember when she's got such a bad thing in her mouth.

The fire bender looking at his tea. He could heat it with his fire bending, but he would also reveal that he is from the Fire Nation and that he is fire bender.
But again... Can he revile his true origin, can he trust them?
Sisko sits for a moment and consider the pluses and minuses before he makes his decision. But Sara comes before him. She put her mug over at him and looking at him with a wry smile.

"Can you heat it...?" she asks as some of the most natural in the world.

Benjamin Sisko looking slightly wondering back at the woman. He can well see at her that she does not doubt that he is a fire bender and is from Fire Nation.
He is sure that the young woman already guessed it to where he comes from, when they were close together on the ground.
Slowly he moves his hand toward her mug.

Soren looking curiously at her when he was just about to bring his hand in above liquid to heat his tea without him thinking about that they were not alone.
Why in the world should the strange man heather her mug. That she could without problems have done herself using her water bending.
Not the mug, but the liquid in the mug, so why would she want him to do it...? And can he possibly heat it?
Curious, he moves his attention towards on Sara's mug.

Sisko moving his other hand over so that he holds with both hands around the mug, and after a moment it stems from the mug.
Quickly repeats the fire bender the process by the other two mugs, so they all have steaming hot tea.
Again they taste all three at tea. It has become something better and more drinkable. But still has the tea drawn too long.

"I still do not understand how a tea salon can ruin a pot of green tea in this way..." says Sisko still annoyed by the poor quality of the tea.

"I think it must have drawn too long..." answer Sara to him "Not something you're used to..."

Her light blue eyes smiling at him, she has tried before to get tea together with soldiers from the Fire Nation.
Sisko smiles smirk back to her. That he had to heat the tea for her, or them, was just a test from her side to see if he was a fire bender.

"It's simple green Sencha tea with rose buds and lime..." mutters Soren irritated and drinking his tea again.

"Even the dumbest from Earth Kingdom should be able to figure out how to make such a tea... Without killing both the tea and the teapot..." he continues in mockery above tea salon's owner.

The two others at the table starts to giggle over his obvious irritation, but they agree with him.
It is simply a crime against the tea, as it has been brewed.

After they have enjoyed the tea... Or at least been sitting drinking tea in for some time in silence they begin again to look curiously at each other.
Sisko scratch on his beard on his chin while he is studying the two. A question starts to build up, but Sara is faster to come with her questions.

"Who were the two who were after you when we met...? Those I put up on the wall...?" she asks.

The last is said with a little giggle. The two men also come with a giggle when they think back to the two men who hung on the wall and looked very surprised besides that they hung there.

"I'm not quite sure... But some types there are criminals in lighter or higher degree were beginning to following after me..." answers Sisko with his smirk smile.

"I just know that after I had been out shopping all day, which I had bought various goods into where they had seen that I had well with money... Suddenly they followed me... Probably because they thought I were easy prey..." he continues, finding nothing wrong with tell these two what he was up to so far.

The two water benders nods to him. All the time, has all three talked together in a low tone, so they were sure that there were others who could hear with.

"What about you...? The guys who were after you, look also not to clean out the edges...?" asks the soldier curiously, wanting to know more

"Especially him I beat down..." he says with a wry smile "He was good enough mad at you..."

His amber yellow eyes staring at Sara. Sara begins to laugh and Soren do quickly the same.

"Would you, or should I...?" asks Soren addressed to Sara.

"It is best that I do it... The short story is that he is mad at me that I knocked him down in a bar earlier today..." answer Sara whiles the fire bender looking wondering and surprised her.

"Beat him down...? Why...?" he asks in surprise.

Soren comes with a wry smile.

"He had the opinion that he could allow him everything towards a young woman... And as he hitting heavily on me, touched me and criticized at the same time my sweetheart, I became mad at him..." she says calmly "So I ended up lead his forehead down in the bar's edge after which he passed out..."

The soldier nods quietly while he with a smile answer "I do understand better... That he could not tolerate that a beautiful young woman likes you who is half his age could beat him up..."

Soren eyeing towards Sara when she said that they were lovers. In a way, they still have not figured out what they are, but he also called her for his wife at the bar.
And to explain to a stranger about what they have for a relationship is probably almost impossible.

"It then explains why we all three have got of little problems here in town..." says Sisko and taste again on his tea.

He is still not satisfied with the tea, but it is better than nothing. Curious, he looks up at the two water benders... Or is it only the woman is water bender...?
Slowly pulls Sisko the lower lip into his mouth and let the teeth rest on the lip while he thinks about how he can most politely formulate his next question.

"What would you do now...? Do you have something specific you need to reach, or...?" asks the fire bender curiously.

Sara and Soren look briefly at each other. Neither of the two water benders had actually thought about what they would now and have thus not talked about it.

"Well..." Sara gets answer but stops again.

"Our plan for the day has actually been that we should have kill a little time and made some small purchases while we wait for our purchase of supplies will be ready." says Soren after little "In the afternoon we will then head to the grocery store, where our seventeen ostrich horses stand and pick up everything..."

Sara nods to confirm Soren's words.

"You know... A little extra spice, a little tea and whatever else we fall over of interesting things..." she says explanatory while she gets a smile on.

Soren reach just to eyeing her before she continues "As... transparent fabric..."

That last is said with a wry smile towards Soren while she with her shoulder pushes at his shoulder.
Soren smiles naughty to her, both water benders have the same naughty thinking about when the orange silk fabric soon to be in use.

"We would actually have continued our journey northwards tomorrow... But as the circumstances are now, it may well be that it is better that we travel this evening..." concludes Soren, and both of them look back at Sisko.

After Soren told of their seventeen ostrich horses have Sisko in the big not heard more of what the two from the Water Tribe told him.

Sisko's mind started to run "That could work."

He should have had at least twenty ostrich horses to wear it, but he will believe seventeen ostrich horses would have been more than enough to carry all his supplies.
Till now he was wondering if he could ask them to create a sort of ice road for him, where they can pull and slide the supplies.
But with the ostrich horse, it's even better, now it just remains to convince them to help him.
Sisko really got to like these two and wouldn’t like to use, manipulate them, but it was his mission that counted for the most. He couldn’t let such an opportunity pass by.

Slowly begin both Sara and Soren to wrinkle their foreheads. The way the man sitting opposite from them, staring at them seems a little... Weird...
They cannot quite decipher why the stranger fire bender suddenly seems like he almost becomes happy.

"Ostrich horses...?" asks Sisko.

"Did you say that you have seventeen ostrich horses...?" he asks, not hardly sounding surprised.

Soren blinks with his eyes and looking weird at him. He can not quite understand where the stranger wants to go with his questions.

"Yes we have..." answer Sara, who are just as confused as Soren.

Sisko biting nervously in his clenched fist, to show important this is to him and that how much he hopes for their help.
He really doesn’t like doing this to them, but without these supplies the mission him and his ship was on is doomed to failure which could result in thousands of lives on the battle field in the next offensive.
He just couldn’t let that happen.

"Is it possible that you...? Against payment of course... Can take a small detour to the south ...?" he asks gently while he looked up at the two opposite him, with true hope in his eyes, he just simply let them see it this time.

"That's because... I bought large quantities of supplies here in town... And it has just not been possible to obtain any kind of means of transport to all my goods..." explains Sisko and crosses his fingers in mind, for his plan to work.

Sara looks at Soren, it is he who has control over how they are traveling and what routes to take.
At the same time she does not know how much advantage they have to Kai and his men... Whether they have the time to sacrifice a day or more to help the unknown stranger which at the same time is from the Fire Nation.

"It... It is not that we are reluctant... But we have a schedule..." Soren trying to explain.

"Sorry to interrupt you, but we are talking at most about a day's journey to the south..." Sisko interrupts with little outstretched hand, to once more emphasize how important it is to him.

He had to do it, maybe it could help to persuade them to help him if they know how much time is talk about...
Slowly nodding the warrior and try to continue again.

"But it is just the opposite of what we should..." answer Soren little reluctantly.

His reluctance comes from the fact that they no longer know how big their advantage to Kai and the persecutors is... Or if Kai is still after them?
Had he been assured that Kai had given up finding them he would gladly have used both one and two days to help his new acquaintances.
The fact that he is from the Fire Nation does not touch Soren. The only thing he has something outstanding with them is from the Earth Kingdom.
That they have tried to make him a slave and hunted him. How they have treated Sara and all the other women in the House of Joy.
The fact that he has repeatedly experienced that when people find out his skills both as a healer and warrior tried to get him to stay. Even if it was against his will.
Yes, he's got a few friends coming from the Earth Kingdom, but most he has no feelings for, besides hatred.

Sara thinking about what Zhou has done for her and that she never gets the opportunity to either thank or do something in return for the kindness he tried to do to her.
She listened closely to Soren's word and that he tried to explain to their time constraints.
But here she stands with an opportunity, a chance to help another fire bender. An opportunity to help Zhou's people. She could not let the opportunity like this pass from her.

"He says no, but I bet the girl will want to help..." the fire bender thinks before he must start the last phase to ensure his success.

Sisko's hope is disappearing from his eyes, he is about to realize that although they have helped each other here in town, are the two stranger not really interested in helping him, or at least that’s what he wants to other two to think.
So he becomes surprised when the woman puts her one hand on the man's hand. Slowly she intertwines their fingers and gets the man's attention.

Sara leans her towards Soren's upper body and begins to whisper something in his ear. The Fire bender cannot hear what she says and cannot see her mouth as she hold her other hand in front of her mouth and hides her mouth moving.
After some time, the man looking at her while she whispers continued nods the man to her.

"If that's what you want... So we do it... My love..." answer the warrior while he looks lovingly at her.

In a moment they exchange very affectionate glances, and quickly conclude their moment with a quick gentle kiss.
The soldier towards them is a little confused. What was this about and why they suddenly become a little affectionate with one another?

With a smile, they look again both of them at him.

"We want to help you..." says Sara with a little sweet smile.

"And we do not want pay for it..." continues Soren and give a little nod to him.

Sisko is once of course happy with his success, but also as man of conscious he feels ashamed of having to play the other two into helping him.
But he had no other choice, for his country he had to do it, he had to make sure his supplies got to the ship in time and there was just no other way to convince them to help.
He couldn’t tell them the real reason why he needed their help, he couldn’t trust them that much, so now he had to deal with his conscience, but it still was a victory for him, and trough him and his mission on board Novara to the Fire Nation.
He may have been just a cook now and an enemy of Ozai, but he still had powerful friends and alliances in the fleet as the Fire Nation secret bureau as well.

"Once an agent always an agent..." he remind himself finally.

Still Sisko is a little confused, but understand that they will help him, even though they to first was a little reluctantly.
It crosses his mind to question why they have changed their position to help him, but Sisko choose to do not ask about it.
Instead for he lifts his tea mug and nods happy at them.

The owner of the tea salon looking slightly wondering at the three customers with dark gray cloaks with hoods. He would argue that it is too warm to have cloaks of felted wool in the summer heat they have today.
But what surprised him most is that they still have the hood up even if they are indoors and they place themselves in the darkest corner of his salon.
As he has been standing a little and looked at them, becomes his curiosity too much.
Now he will look more closely at them, and at the same time he will hear if they can think them to get a little more tea.

Out of the corner of his eye observable Sisko how the owner comes over to them. Quickly he looks back on the two from the Water Tribe and with a small but discreet head movement he makes both aware that soon they are not alone anymore.
Both sets of blue eyes eyeing to the side before leaning the head a little more forward so that their faces are harder to see when the owner comes to the table.

"Can I offer more tea...?" asks the owner "Or else, which the company would like?"

Almost in unison they say all three "No thanks..." while they shake their heads.

Since the owner can see that all three mugs are empty, he chooses to collect them on his tray and carry them with him.

As the owner is a little away from the table muttering Soren low "Baka..." while Sara nods in agreement.

"I agree with you..." she says in the same low and insensible tone as him.

Sisko frowning at it. He has never heard the word Baka and have no idea what it means.
It amazes him, but he makes no more of the word because his two companions make signs to raise them up.

Soren is quickly up to stand and help Sara by gallantly giving her a hand. Gratefully she smiles to him, and together they gathered their things and bought packages and distributed them among themselves.
Sisko takes his folded dark green upper part and rises also up. The two from the Water Tribe comes a little in front of him.
As they are almost in the doorway waving the owner goodbye to them. Sara and Soren lifts both the one hand to greet weakly to the owner.

Almost simultaneously, they both say in unison "Baka..."

Again it was said low and Sisko was the only one who heard them. Sisko keeps his hand a little further up than necessary after his greeting.
Again was the word there, and he wonders what it means. Quickly he comes quite close to them again.

Sisko looks a little confused, looking at their backs and ask curiously "Baka...? What does it mean? You have said it several times now..."

Sara smiling and looking back on the fire bender.

"Baka... In the old Water Tribe language it means idiot..." explains Sara and Soren nods to it.

"We mean that the owner of the tea salon is a Baka because he can serve such a bad tea..." continues Soren and walk out the door order to hold it for Sara and Sisko.

Sisko must press his lips together to not laugh out loud. When it comes to it, he agrees with the two...
The owner of the tea salon is Baka...

When Soren has come out of the door and still holds it observing he quickly up and down the street.
But there is none of their former persecutors to see. It looks as if it was a good idea to get away from the street for a while, as the man from the Fire Nation suggested.
Sara placed her on Soren's right side, Sisko follows and place him at Sara's right side. Just like the warrior observing the soldier that he also cannot see some of their persecutors.

"How long have we been here I wonder...?" Sara asks curiously.

Sisko looks up at the sun and assesses its location in relation to before they went into the tea salon.

"I would say an hour..." he says low.

Soren nods to confirm Sisko's assessment.

"Agree... What do we do now...?" he asks, eyeing towards Sisko.

Again, is Sara placed just between them, neither of the two men can see each other's faces clearly even though they have come out in the sun.

While Sara finds Soren's one hand so they can intertwine the fingertips and she can cuddle a little with them, thinking Sisko about that he needs to see the seventeen ostrich horses.
He would like to, see for him selves what condition they are and be able to assess whether they can transport all his supplies at one time, or if he again will have to think of several alternatives.

"What do you say you two lovers, that I may see the animals...?" suggests the soldier while he eyeing towards the lovers couple.

Soren blushes a little on his cheeks than they are called lovers, it is not something he is used to be called, and at the same time, are he and Sara lovers...?
In contrast, it warms to Sara's heart to be recognized as a couple, and that they are called lovers.
A little uncertain look Sara and Soren at each other and it warms them both to see the happy and loving smile the other has.
From only having the fingertips just intertwined pushes they the fingers together so that they can take each other tightly in the hands, still with the fingers intertwined.

Although the two have disappeared completely in each other's dazzling blue eyes, nods they both and get answer almost in unison "Yes, let's do it..."

Sisko climbs over the fence where they seventeen ostrich horses stand. Quickly he becomes surrounded by the curious animals.
He reaches just to think that these animals in any case curious. He gets his smirk smile on his lips and begins to examine the first animal.
Quick and experienced he examines the ostrich horse, standing in front of him. The animal is in very good condition, very muscular and well cared for. And there is no visible damage or signs of wear and tear on the animal.
If he did not know better, he'd believe that these ostrich horses without problems to cope with the task of transporting his supplies.
Ideally, there should perhaps have been about twenty animals instead of seventeen. But because of the good condition and muscle power of these animals will Sisko think they can do the job.

Sisko is impressed with their condition, and he nods pleased to Sara. She stands by the fence with her elbows resting on the woodwork and smiles happily back to the stranger.

"Satisfied...?" she asks a little teasingly.

Sisko nods back to her and answer "Very..."

In a way, it surprises him not that the animals are in such good condition. Already when they came to the fence went the seventeen ostrich horses their masters to meet them. While the two from the Water Tribe scratched the animals behind the ears came several of them with cheerful sounds and there was almost fight about get to the two masters.

Soren has in the meantime gone into to their merchant to have a chat. Instead of travel the day after he informs that they will help an old acquaintance and will come back in two, maybe three days and that they only thereafter will take their purchases with.
They will however take the animals with them already and some of their feed, so he reorders also a little more feed.

In community drags Soren and the merchant four sacks of feed out just outside the fence.

"The stable boys have given them food and water here by noon." says the merchant when they together place the last sack on the ground.

"Well... Then they get a little bit now, while we buckles the saddle bags on them..." answer Soren.

The two men look at each other while the merchant just wipes the sweat from his forehead with the back of the hand.

"I will have the last ready for you to when you come back..." concludes the merchant before giving Soren his hand and goes back to his shop.

Sara sees how Soren comes with the first two saddle bags and hangs them on the post of the fence.
Already before he is back with the next two bags Sara is gotten over the fence to Sisko, and together they started to buckle the first saddle bags on the backs of some of the ostrich horses.
Effectively, but at the same thoroughly get they quickly a teamwork up to run between all three.
Sara throws the blanket up while she calms the animals they stand with, just by being present.
Then throw Sisko the saddle bag up on the back of the animal and together buckles the two the bag firmly under the belly.
In the meantime retrieves Soren the bags, and depending on where the two other works he places the bags so that they are ready to take to them, so they can quickly get all seventeen animals ready.

"I have purchased several places..." says Sisko while he receives the buckle belt from a saddle bag from Sara under the stomach of an ostrich horse.

"Okay..." answer Soren curiously, standing at the fence and look at them, but he can only see Sara for the ostrich horse they are working on.

"How much and how many places we are talking about...?" he continues while he plays with a piece of rope in his hands.

"Thank you..." says Sisko to Sara and together buckles the belt under the belly of the animal.

"It's four locations where it concerns large portions and a single place where I have purchased a little less..." explains the fire bender finally "But it is actually much I have purchased... We should have had at least twenty ostrich horses to carry it..."

Sisko looks free from the stomach towards Soren, but can only see the top of his head because there are a couple of ostrich horses between them.

Sara looks a little worried at Soren, can their ostrich horses do the task?

"I do not think it will be a problem... The animals are accustomed to hard work, so we can easily load them well... But we will have to go a little down in the pace of the ratio to what we are used to..." answer Soren calming, addressed to both Sara and Sisko "And we're going to go next to the animals..."

Sara smiles again and nods.

"Agree..." she answers and looks at Sisko, who also nods to her.

After they have finished tightening the last bag on the animals they take away towards the first place where Sisko have purchased in.
Depending on how much he have purchased at the various merchants and how much it weighs, they have four or five ostrich horses with for each of the places.
Sisko have hidden his backpack near the first grocery store, so when they have retrieved his goods that takes they on the same occasion his backpack before they return to the fence.
Their plan is that they will get everything Sisko's supplies down into the fence. Thereafter they will reloading the goods, so all animals will get roughly the same weight in the cargo before they leave the south.

The brother in law places himself again beside his buddy. Curious, he looks at how they three pack the goods on the four ostrich horses they have with.
When his glance captures the black boots on him that was doing business with his brother in law, he cannot help but smile.
Yes, it is definitely boots from the Fire Nation.

"And you were sure that he at least must be from the Fire Nation...?" says the brother in law to the merchant in a slightly mocking tone.

The merchant eyeing irritated toward his brother in law.

"Ohh yes..." he answers.

The merchant's attention is directed to the two he have with to help him. None of them can be in any way from the Fire Nation and with the tan color skin, they can almost only be from the Water Tribe.
So the whole idea that the young man had to be from the Fire Nation, seems the merchant is completely wrong.
He probably bought the boots used or gotten them in any other way.

When the last sack has come up on the last animal goes Sisko over to the merchant and his brother in law.
After a quick handshake with both of them they nod goodbye to each other and Sisko goes after Sara and Soren that has already begun to go towards the fence with the animals.

Sisko cannot help but smile. Only one place more and so can they finally turn to the south and leave this city and its bandits.
Finally, is Agni with him, finally it seems that everything will go well now. Satisfied he comes up on the side of the last ostrich horse and it greets him with a cheerful sound.

"I agree with you..." says the fire bender to the ostrich horse "It will be good to get away from this town..."

As if the ostrich horse understood him correspond again it with a cheerful sound.

Whether it is Agni who must prove that Benjamin Sisko is wrong, or if it is Tui and La seemed they just wanted to help to tease a little is a little uncertain.
But one of Sisko's former persecutors stands on a corner and takes a look.
Suddenly discovering the man Sisko and recognize him even though Sisko still wearing his cloak and has the hood pulled up. With open mouth he stands and looks after them.
They had otherwise almost given up trying to find him again after some of their gang had become ice fixed to a house wall at the opposite end of the town and all traces of him suddenly disappeared.
So that he is lucky and find the man with all the gold coins he had not exactly expected.

Slowly he begins to follow them while at the same time he tries to keep him a little on a distance. The bandit proves not just being lucky, but he is more luckier enough than usual since he randomly meets one of his buddies from the gang.
Quickly becoming the buddy informed, and while the first bandit continues to follow the man with gold coins running the buddy around to try to find and gather more members of the gang.

Benjamin Sisko's new friend, the ostrich horse he has just been talking to are very curious about the new human who follow in their flock.
Several times the animal is over and tries to push to Sisko, in the same way as it used to do by Sara.
When it pushes to Sara know it from experience that she either has a treat in her pocket to it, or that she itches it loving behind the one ear. Therefore, the animal tries to see if Sisko also should have a treat and pushes loving therefore to him.
Some of the times when the ostrich horse pushes, Sisko chose to ignore it while he sometimes pushes back lovingly with his shoulder after which it responds with loving sounds.

It pushes again while it comes with loving sounds that Sisko interpret as begging. Sisko chose to push back, and as he turns the upper body and pushes it he discovers by coincidence that they are being followed by a single man.
Just by the look he seems familiar, but Sisko is not sure. He may be one of those types who earlier in the day were following after him.
Still, he has his hand up at the animal, which puts its head into him to make him stroking it lovingly.

"Is this what you want me to?" asks the fire bender while he begins to scratch it behind the ear.

The ostrich horse comes with a happy sound as if it understood what he said to it and pushes the head down on Sisko's fingers, so he can come to scratch it to the bottom.

"You know what...?" he says confidentially to the animal "You have earned it..."

After he has spoiled the ostrich horse some time he begins to work his way up to the front of the small flock when the two from Water Tribe is.
Discreet he comes behind Sara, and he puts a hand up to the ostrich horse goes between Sara and Soren, while he puts his other hand up on Sara's shoulder.

Before the two water benders do something, says Sisko quickly "Do not turn around, but we are not alone..."

Both Sara and Soren lift their head up slightly and turn the ear toward Sisko, so they can better hear what he will say.

For the man who persecute them, it just looks out to him he pursues just went up to the other two that have come to him.
Neither of the two reacts specially to the man came up to them, so he does not expect that he has been revealed.
A smug smile finds his lips while he still follows after them.

"Are you sure ...?" Soren asks curiously.

He tries to look over towards the fire bender, but again, as always, there is something in between them. This time it's not Sara but rather an ostrich horse.

"I'm reasonably sure... I've seen him before..." answer Sisko while he can feel that Sara takes her hand up to his, which is still on her shoulder, and gives it a soothing squeeze.

A little curiously looking the fire bender on her hand, it surprised him a little that even though the two are strangers to him they are anyway caring towards him.

"Can we expect that they are after us again...? Or you...?" asks Sara little worried.

"That is I'm afraid of..." answer Sisko "The question is, what do we do about it...?"

They turn on the next house corner in unchanged pace, in order not to show that they have discovered that they are being persecuted.
Sara and Sisko have let go of each other again, Sisko's hand returns to his chin and begins to play with his beard while he scratches his.
The soldier and the warrior thinking of the same, without any of them know it. Both weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

"The best defense..." starts Soren.

"... Is an attack..." concludes Sisko the sentence.

Sara eyeing both of them, in many ways, she has, in the short time the three have been together, experienced that the two are thinking very similar.
That there is hidden a couple of good strategist in both of them.

"Agree..." answer the two men in unison.

"Then when...?" Sara asks curiously.

She puts her teeth in her lower lip, in a way it is here exciting for her.

"I would say that we must have done something before we get all things retrieved..." says Sisko while he still scratching his chin.

"I cannot agree more... We will be most vulnerable to attack when we have it all together." answer Soren to continue Sisko's thinking.

"Should we take him now...?" asks Sara.

Her left hand comes already in under the cloak to her water skin, so she is ready to fight.

"I think they will make themselves ready while we retrieve the last load, and there should we make a preemptive strike." is Sisko's tactical assessment.

Soren nods to it. If it was he who had to plan an attack on them, he would also strike when they come with the next load of supplies.
The bandit cannot know that the next load is also the last load. But if they follow them now, they know where they will come back for another load and then they can see that there are no more free ostrich horses when they take away with the last.
Therefore they can also figure out that it is probably the last load they go out and retrieve, and therefore they have to strike to when they get back to the fence.

"Honey, I will be with to it..." says Sara suddenly in a very particular tone.

Thereby she brings the two men out of their thinking around the planning of the attack. She eyeing cautiously towards the love of her life and being greeted by a very serious blue eyes.
She looks at him, and is not at all in doubt that he is a little against it. Sara begins to prepare herself that she would not be allowed to participate, even though she comes with the best arguments for why she is ready for it.

"If we all three go up against them, we would clearly have an advantage..." says Sisko while he thinks "But if one of us still leads the ostrich horses ahead of the others, and leads them out of the city, can they other two meet later with the person outside the city..."

Sara nods to it, even if it does not suit her that the soldier has the final proposals with.
For she can almost predict that it is she who is going to go with the animals.

"A slight problem..." says Soren low, it suits him not what he needs to say now.

"Most of our ostrich horses are unevenly loaded... The weight must be made more equal for each ostrich horse otherwise we risk that some of the animals become quickly tired than those who are more lightly loaded..." he says with eyes closed.

He does not want to see the smile that Sara comes with now.

"This excludes me... You two know your animals better than I do..." says Sisko.

It annoyed him that they have to split them up, as they are obviously would have the greatest advantage of fighting together all three.

Soren eyeing towards Sara, the smile on her red lips are not to be mistaken.

"Okay... You will be allowed..." he says little reluctantly to his student.

Sara is surprised, she was otherwise ready to argue why she should be allowed to fight against the bandits with the fire bender.

"I have the muscle power to reload the animals... Plus the merchant knows me, but not you..." says Soren and pointing a thumb over his shoulder towards Sisko.

Sisko nods, although he can only see the hand, there pointing towards him.

"As soon as I got reload the animals, and got the feed bags up, I will retrieve a little of our outings so that we can handle us on the trip... Again, you cannot retrieve it..." continues Soren addressed to Sisko.

While they get swapped they last ostrich horses out, so they are ready to retrieve the last load, get Sisko explained which route to the south Soren and the animals must go after.
They agree that Sara and Sisko will follow him as soon as possible when they are finished with the bandits.
While the two men get agreed the details of the rules using Sara the time to get her tunic on again. She goes into the fence and uses a pair of the ostrich horses as shielding before she throws her cloak.
Quickly she gets her tunic on and put the water skins in place. Hereinafter she pulls back the cloak on, so she looks like before they came to the fence.

The bandits have followed them and now there are four and looking at the fence with all the animals. They can see that the three are getting ready for what must be the last pickup of goods in the city.
Their assessment is that if they strike just before they returning to the fence, and subsequently take the last animal from the fence they will get the greatest benefit.
They could possibly use their cloaks to disguise them so they can come close before they can attack the merchant and stealing the animals from their custody.
They also agree that they are clearly in the majority, as they are already one more than them and that they can reach to collect more from their gang before they attack.

After they have been out to collect the goods from the last place of the places where Sisko has made all his trades, begins Sara and Sisko slowly to let them fall back, so they end up walking a few steps behind they last of the animals.
By they walk and doing as they talk together and occasionally laughing out loud they get it to look coincidence that they have fallen so far back in relation to Soren.
Not immediately does the bandits not notice that it had to be something special in that they fall back.
They user on the other hand the time to gather as many people as possible. So when they are getting close to the fence, they have already reached that they have collected a total of twelve men.
One of my own. Part 28.
"Cooperation promotes any assignment..."

Prehistory to "I will keep you" of Bezsoba. :iconbezsoba:

Sequel to "The Hunted and The Helping." and the further continuation of the prehistory to why Princess Azula has a water bender in her service.

Here are the specific parts where there is a co writer with me. My good friend Ben and I have written them together, when I wrote the first part, Ben added his part/proposals and to the last, I correct them. They are known between the two of us as "One of my own" Ben Sisko part.

Here are the next two: Ben Sisko part five and six.

For more information see Gallery info. Here are also the others stories from my series.…

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar The Last Airbender or it Characters. It belongs to Nickelodeon.

The character Benjamin Sisko belong to Bezsoba. :iconbezsoba:

But the characters: Sara, Soren and the others you hear about belong to me.

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"One of my own."

Part 27. Ben Sisko part three and four.

The merchant smiles happily gradually as the businessman puts one stack of coins after another in his hand.
Sisko counter the next stack of silver coins up and hands it to the merchant. He is one of several where Sisko has been out shopping with today.
In order to hide the fact that he buys in to a ship, he has used the cover story that he buys in to a mining area some distance away from the city.
Before he arrived to the town it was successful for him to have obtained some clothes in the typical Earth Kingdom style, a pair of brown pants and a dark green upper part.
At the same time he has been out shopping in several places and not in larger amounts than it can be explained by mining operations where there a working 10-12 man for up to a few weeks.

The merchant smiles extra happy when Sisko hands him the last stack of coins. Curiously looking the merchant at the young man in front of him. To hide that Sisko is from the Fire Nation, he has turned his hood on the upper part over the head and also he stands with narrowed eyes, so his eye color is not seen so easily.
By Sisko has avoided looking the man in the eye, and by showing interest in other things, it was possible for him to hide that he is from the Fire Nation.

"I will return as soon as I have got organized the transport..." finishes Sisko his trade with the merchant.

"Good... I will have it all ready for you..." answer the elderly man with a smile "I hope soon that your friends come to you... So you can come home again..."

The two men nodding one last time to each other before Sisko continue across the street.

Sisko comes with a smirk. He has only one problem left: namely the transport of his supplies.
One possibility is to see if he can borrow a small boat or rent a fisherman and his fishing boat.
It has just not been possible to rent a couple of ostrich horses, so the most obvious possibility is right now excluded. It annoys him that those who have the ostrich horses will not rent out their animals or a handcart which he can drag.
But now he wants to see the positive on it and hope that there is a possibility in the harbor.

The last merchant stands still and scratches his chin while he looks after Sisko, who are going by the street. His partner and brother in law placed herself beside him.

"There was something wrong with him..." says the merchant.

The brother in law looks at him and asks curiously "Anything special you are thinking of...? He bought well enough, a big portion without to bargain too much with the price... And the money was also real..."

The merchant lift on the shoulders while he mumbles "I do not know... He got me a little down in price, but not more than that we still have a good profit... And yes, the coins were all Earth Kingdom..."

He continues to scratch his chin by running the fingers completely out so that they escape the chin before he is running them back in again.
Suddenly snaps the merchant and looking at his brother in law.

"Did you notice his boots...?" he asks "They were wrong..."

The brother in law looks weird at him and answer a little dumb "Just because it was boots from the Fire Nation...?"

Slowly he turns the silver bracelet around so that the glow from the candle falls and shows whether there are errors in the bracelet. He straight a little on the small magnifying glass in front of his right eye and look closely at the bracelet.
The jeweler nods slowly, the silver bracelet is very good and high quality of the silver and very beautifully made.
If the silver is polished up again and he removes the single scratch there is in it, then he will be able to sell it for a formidable price.
He looks up at the male water bender, sitting across from him.

"A truly beautiful piece..." says the jeweler and puts the silver bracelet over to the side.

Before he takes the next piece of jewelry he takes his fine coal piece and writes something on a piece of paper.
Soren comes with a little smile. Although the jeweler writes upside down compared to him, and he tried to be discreet Soren could well see what number he wrote. And it is a number that is at the nice end of what he had been waiting for the bracelet.

While the jeweler sitting and assessing individual the jewelers goes Sara around the store and look at the display of jewelry. She admires several gold and silver necklaces. Their style is typical of the Earth Kingdom, but she can like more of them.
She is quite busy with a gold necklace with a beautiful gold heart pendant. Especially the little diamond that sits to one side of the heart fall in her taste.

"Do you like it...?" asks Soren, there suddenly stands behind her.

Sara startled together, turning around and takes her to the heart. She had not heard that he had come over to her and now stood just right behind her.

"I-I... I had not heard you came... I became well enough surprised that you suddenly stood behind me..." says Sara with surprise in her voice.

He leans close to her, his mouth seeking her and slowly they meet in a gentle kiss, only with the lips.

"You did not answer me... About you could like it...?" he says before his lips again seeking hers.

Again they meet in a gentle kiss, a moment they stand both with closed eyes and enjoying each other.

"Yes..." she answers low when their lips separated again and their open the eyes again.

"Do you want one of the necklaces...?" he asked curiously.

His eyes looking lovingly at her, slowly touching his right hand her cheek and gently caresses his fingertips her.

"You did not get any gift from me to your 18th birthday..." continues Soren and looking naughty at her.

"Only that you had to decide what I should do to you..." the last is being said with an even more naughty voice while his lips brushing against her.

Sara must for a moment remember back to her 18th birthday, and the good sex they had exactly that the day.

"Nope... You got also nothing from me for your 19th birthday... Other than sex..." she answers with even naughtier voice than Soren.

Her hands find his neck and she pulls him into another kiss.

"I thought you liked your birthday gift... That you could decide, just as I could at my..." she continues and lets her teeth take hold of his lower lip.

Had they been alone and somewhere other than at in a jeweler, know both of them that they probably would soon lie on the floor and kissed wildly with each other while they peeled the clothes off each other.

After a last passionate kiss she looks with seductive eyes on him. Her light blue eyes are, as always, dazzling and he cannot get enough of her.

"Yes, I could like it..." he answers in a low voice.

"When it comes to it, there is only one kind of necklace I want from you..." she says with equal parts disappointment and expectation in her voice.

He nods before answering "I know..."

She smiles at him.

"When it not should be a necklace from here you want to have... Is there any other piece of jewelry you could possibly think of...?" he asked curiously.

"Well... An engagement necklace... But not now..." she answers while she let go with her hands and slowly turn her around, away from him.

She looks over her shoulder and sends a few naughty light blue eyes against him.

Sara goes slowly into the opposite end of the jeweler, where he has some display case with ankle chains.
Soren follows slowly behind her and looking curiously at what she is looking at.
A very brief moment looking Sara on some gold belly chains, but quickly she knows with herself that she would never will need such a chain in the future.
Her interest returns to the ankle chains. Her tongue tip comes out and up on the upper lip while she concentrates her. There are a couple of ankle chains especially holds her interest.

Soren smiling over Sara's tongue. He knows with himself, that he is doing something similar with his tongue when he concentrates him.
But not exactly putting it up on the upper lip as Sara does. He follows her gaze and looking at the ankle chains she shows an interest in.

"What about with such one...?" he asks while his hands slowly coming around her waist.

"A few of the girls had such one..." she answers low and points to one particular of the chains.

"That there, do I like..." she says firmly.

Soren looking at gold chain, it is both simple, yet beautifully made.

"I must say I also like it..." he answers to it.

Her hands come in over his, whereby she crosses her arms.

"I must rather have two of them..." she says low and looking over her shoulder at him.

Her light blue eyes are both seductive and naughty to look at.

"Two...?" he asks a little puzzled.

"Did you know...? That in some circles has an ankle chain and its location a meaning whether you are to women or men..." explains Sara "And to be sure, I probably have one for each foot..."

Her lips seeking his, and they meet in a gentle kiss. Quickly ask her tongue on access to his mouth and just as quickly it is allowed to enter.

Their kiss is deep and long. The jeweler must smile at them. These two from the Water Tribe is certainly not afraid to show their love for each other.
Although he enjoys looking at them turns his attention quickly returned to the jewelers. How they got them from, he can only guess, but there are very many that are interesting and where he would like to know the story behind it.
But it's one of the things he never asks a customer.

"I thought you were only to girls of need..." says Soren with a teasing smile "And that it is not necessary more..."

Sara smiles naughty to him. Her half-open blue eyes become more seductive to look at.

"I told you that I had been damaged by it..." she answers innocently, but still with naughty voice "So yes, I enjoy a woman... Just as I enjoy a man... Also in the same time..."

Their lips find each other again and the kiss becomes gently and lovingly.

"So you had better to have two... My love..." he answers to it, quite serious.

Slowly she gets turned her around, so they can better kiss each other without she should turn her head around towards him.

"Thank you my darling..." she answers lovingly and kissing him again.

The jeweler becomes finished and begins to calculate together what he has written down in his note.
Just when he becomes finished sitting Soren back across him while Sara stands just behind Soren with her hands on his shoulders.

"You have very many good pieces, and a few poor... But I will give a good price for it all..." says the jeweler and handed a slip of paper with a number over to them.

Sara's eyebrows fly all the way up while Soren sitting with a smirk when they see the number on the paper. It is well above what they had expected to get for the jewelers.

"And I will throw two gold ankle chains included in the price... Those you liked..." finishes the jeweler with a smirk.

The naughty glance he sends Sara tells her that the jeweler must have got it all about what she said about the ankle chains meaning.

The fisherman moves his coolie type of hat a little further up on his forehead, so that he can better see the person standing on the pier. He grabs in the wicker basket with his net, lifts it up and moving it to its place.

"It's not that I'm not interested. I would like to earn your gold coins. But..." says the fisherman and grabs the next basket.

"But it's just a bad time right now." he continues while he moves the next basket to the side of the other.

"You see, the mackerel..." he explains while he stops and look back at the person on the pier "The mackerel is wandering now and the next few days, so they will pass here..."

Sisko nods slowly, he understood where the fisherman will go.

"You see... I will answer you very honestly... I would like to have your gold, but I need the mackerel for both sale and to food for my own family." says the fisherman with a pair of honest eyes against him.

"Could you just wait a week...? So I would gladly sail you to the south." he continues and is a bit annoyed about the bad timing of Sisko's visit.

Sisko shrugs his shoulders and throws the gold coins into his wallet again.

"Unfortunately I cannot wait a week. My friends in the mine are about to run out of food..." answer Sisko with regret in his voice "So I can not... I need to find another means of transport of our supplies."

The fisherman picks a cloth up and begins to wipe his fingers.

"You can expect the same answers of the other fishermen... I know that I could buy other food for the money you will give me for the trip, but if I fail my regular customers by not delivering this time, they will likely not buy from me the next time." explains the fisherman.

Sisko nods sad and makes a waving motion while he packs the purse into the belt.

"Thanks for your time... May you have a good catch..." he says while he turns and walks further down the pier.

It was the fourth fisherman who tells the same story. That it is the wrong time because the mackerel comes.
Sisko decides to give up finding a fisherman who can help him with the transport of his supplies.
He goes up on the pier and away from the port, while he one last time looking around to see if there have come some transport ships that could be used.
But still there are only fishing boats in the harbor.

Slowly walk Sisko away from the port without him think about it, finds his one hand his chin and he begins to scratch his beard. His opportunities are being too depleted.
Now he has tried to rent ostrich horses. He has heard by people who have vehicles about it was possible to rent there. And now he has talked with several fishermen.
All places he was rejecting his requests for different reasons.
Right now he's considering for a moment that he himself must carry his goods away. But quickly he realizes that it becomes an impossible task with the volumes he has purchased. His amber yellow eyes rolls one time and he gets a little smile on his lips.
Although he is frustrated is his good humor and optimism are not completely gone yet. All purchases are in order, and it's only the transportation is lacking.
Had it been in order, he had long since left the city and were on their way southward again.

Sisko gets a little bigger smile on. Now he will think positively and enjoy a round in the city to see if there are some options for transport which he has overlooked. It may be that he is lucky and that Agni is with him.

A bit on distance are two lighter criminal types and keeps an eye on the man in the brown pants and dark green upper part.
By coincidence, has one from their group discovered the young man who has been around and trade today and seen how he paid for everything he bought.
It seems that the young man has plenty of money, even though he tries to hide it with his slightly used clothing. But the most surprised the two criminals are that he also has gold coins, and for them it must be a considerable amount.
In their eyes, he looks to be an easy prey. Now they just follow him and find the right place to hit. A place where there would not be too many witnesses.
While the young man continues to go around in the city they follow him at a distance, at the same time they hoping to meet some more of members of the group, as they can get with so that they will be more when they shall ambush him.

When Sisko turn round a house corner eyeing him sideways. The two men who go a little behind him, he has seen several times within the last half hour. They have always been a little behind him and kept them at a distance from him.
He does not like it. Without him to judge people on their appearance, he will guess that the two men may be criminals.
Completely automatic, without attracting too much attention disappears his right hand on his back under his upper part. Slowly find his hand his Silver Combat knife and the thumb come around the handle, so he is ready to withdraw it, if it should become necessary.
For the unaware, it seems like he just has his hand sitting on the back of the waistband and resting his hand there.
But in reality, is the young fire bender ready for close combat. Should it come to it, will Sisko rather use his Silver Combat Knife than his bending as he will evoke much attention if he begins to fire bend.

In addition to his transport problem, it also seems that he's got a problem with some criminals in the city. He will try to see if he can wrest them off so he can have peace to solve his primary problem.

Already at the next house corner, sees the two men Sisko turning round the corner and when they come up to the corner they can no longer see him.
A little surprised they begin both to run ahead to see if they can catch up with him. But after a short run they must recognize that he is gone from them.
Frustrated, they look around and decide to divide them out to see if they in this way can find him.

Less than 20 meters from them, at a cabbage head dealer hides Sisko himself in plain side by he has taking the hood off, go down a little in the knees while he looks on cabbage heads along with a few older ladies. Carefully eyeing him towards the two men as they separate and go their separate ways.

"Are not you agreeing with me...? It's first class quality...?" asks the one lady while holding a cabbage head in front Sisko.

With narrowed eyes and a big charming smile looking Sisko at her.

"Agree... They will be absolutely perfect to make cabbage soup with. A few carrots, pores and possibly a good leg from a cow chicken, and then you have a good soup..." suggests Sisko with all his charm.

The two older women giggle. They agree to his proposal and decide to buy a few cabbage heads more.

Soren let his hand wipe across his forehead, and thereby clears his skin for any moisture. The temperature of the Earth Kingdom's old west coast varies here in the summer from pleasant in the morning to uncomfortable at its peak middle of the day.
Sara smiles of him, by now, she has been in the Earth Kingdom for many years, so she has become accustomed to the heat.
But this, Soren has still not. She has several times on their journey experienced that when it starts to become too hot get Soren problems keeping the heat out.

Sara reaches over and grip Soren hand, intertwines their fingers.

"Tease the heat you again, my Honey...?" she asks teasingly but at the same time lovingly.

He looks at her and comes with a warm smile. He pulls her a little closer towards him, and leans in to her.

"Yes, Sara... My love..." he says very loving and giving her a gentle kiss on her red lips.

"But it is not worse than it still goes..." he continues "But a little cooler weather would be preferable."

Sara chuckles of him and he even comes with a little smile.

They continue their walk through the city. The plan is that they will walk around and take a look at the shops before they have got retrieved their purchases of supplies and animal feed.
A some distance from where they have housed their seventeen ostrich horses they have found a good grocery store that has everything they need.
Before they went in search of a bar they were over to make a pre-order, so the grocer could begin to measure and weigh it. Furthermore, they ordered some special tea varieties, which the grocer did not have in stock, but he knew which of his colleagues he could get it from.
By that they will buy it all at him, he will give a good discount, why they did not felt it was necessary to visit other merchants.
Therefore, they will spend the time they are in town to see if they can find anything out of supplies, which they could use the money from the jewelers too.

They stop in front of a fabric store where hanging several rolls of silk in different colors and transparency.
Soren goes to one tripod and puts his hand behind one of the silk fabrics. He can clearly see his palm through the fabric. With a naughty glance he nods and he looks at Sara.

She raises an eyebrow and asks "You think of something...?"

Soren gets a smirk on.

"Yes... If you would like new fabric for your jewelry, you can put clothes on...? You know your old walking around clothes..." says Soren and smiles wide while Sara rolls her eyes.

She shakes her head in despair while she walks towards him.

"Just because I have a few times has danced in front of you in the three different sets... So do you think I need a new color to my set..." she says resignedly but at the same time a little naughty smile on her face.

He can look at her half-open eyes that there is a small audacity in the light blue eyes. And when it comes to it, she is not really quite reluctant to purchase an additional color.

He grabs her waist and pulling her close to him. Their bodies meet, while her hands also find his waist.

"I thought you enjoy, that I'm looking at you when you dance for me..." he says very seductive.

His lip searches her and Sara comes up a little on tiptoe to better reach him.

"Yes I do... Especially when you afterwards help me take my clothes off me..." she answers with a low tone of voice.

Soren think she is incredibly seductive and naughty to listen to. He tries to kiss her, but she escapes with ease and leaves him only just touching her lips with his.

"What color should it be...?" he asks and tries again to catch her lips.

Again she pulls her head back, leaving him barely touching her red lips again.

"That must you decide... Just you promise me that you do as you did the other times, and let your tongue and your lips spoil me..." she answers very naughty.

This time she stops to tease, and let him kiss her passionately. Sara presses her crotch closer toward his and rubs it up and down against his crotch. Her tongue tumbles with his and it explores his mouth before she completes the kiss by licking him over both his lips.

"So it must be the orange color... It will fit well of your tan colored skin." suggests Soren and comes with a low moan.

Her movements have an impact on his manhood and is about to awaken it to life. She smiles naughty to him as she feels that something begins to get hard in his pants. She gives him a gentle kiss, where she gently bites in his lower lip.

"Agree..." she moans low.

Although they had sex together this morning, she must admit that her naughty seductive behavior also had an impact on her, and they had not been in a city with lots of people around them it would probably have become to more.

Reluctantly they let go of each other and they intertwines the fingers of one hand again before they go into the store to buy the orange fabric which Soren proposed to Sara.

When they come out of the store again Sara has the little brown package with the almost transparent orange silk fabric under one arm while holding Soren in hand with the other hand.
Just as they turn out on the street and will continue their path becomes Soren attention to something in his corner of the eye. There were some men standing at a distance from them before they went into the store.
The same men are now stands somewhere else, but still near them and a little closer to them. Apparently they look not like bounty hunters for Soren, but who are they?

They continue to go around in the city and the places he can, look Soren after reflection, where he can see if they are still following them.
All the time he tries to be discreet and not look back too clearly in the hope that their pursuers not discover he has discovered them.
His suspicions are slowly confirmed that someone was following them at a distance.
Sara still have not discovered them, she is more occupied with looking at the few stores she think is exciting.

First when there comes more to their pursuers, so now they are a good handful of men, considers Soren it is time to Sara become aware of that they are not alone anymore.
After they bought some spices and about to go again comes Soren close to Sara.
She looks at him curiously when he takes his hands around her face. Gently he holds her face between his hands and he leans in to her. She closes her eyes and takes lovingly against the kiss he gives her. Her tongue starts to play with his.
While they stand and kiss passionately begins Soren tapping with his left index finger right on the corner of the eye of her right eye.
First understand Sara not what he's doing and she opens her eyes while they continue to kiss. She can see he looks to her right side while he continued dots her at the corner of her eye.
Slowly turn Sara her eyes in the same direction as Soren's and can further away see that there stands some men and are watching them.

"Who are they...?" asks Sara between two passionate kiss.

"I do not know... But they have followed us for some time now..." answer Soren back between the next two kisses.

Slowly breaking they the kiss and begin walking again. To get close to Soren takes Sara her one arm under Soren's. She puts her head on his shoulder while they continue to walk.

"Could it be someone from the bar...?" she asks low and bites her lower lip "Maybe someone that would avenge him which I beat down...? Or someone who is after our money from the jewelers...?"

Soren moving his jaw back and forth without opening his mouth.

"That with money I do not think... Both the waiter and we were very discreet with the jewelry." he answers low "But someone that would avenge him the Baka guy... This is an opportunity..."

Sara lifts her head slightly and eyeing him.

"It's not everyone who can bear to get beaten up by a young woman... And even though she is very beautiful..." he says, giggling.

Sara must herself pull a little smile about it.

"What do we...? Confronts them...? Or what...?" she asked curiously, still with a low tone of voice.

"At the first opportunity we try to run away from them..." he answers with cold voice "But be prepared on that we can get in to a fight..."

Sisko kneels on one knee right at the corner of a house. Slowly he leans forward so he can just look around the corner.
His two new pursuers stand a little further down of the road and look around confused. Again, it was possible for him to dodge them, but he must realize that they start to look more systematically after him. Sisko nods for him selves.

"Maybe this is the time to run instead of hiding in plain side..." he mutters to himself.

Slowly he pulls back and come back on his feet. Otherwise, it was gone so well for him. Several times in the last while, he has been able to dodge them by making simple little tricks.
But now it seems that his luck is about to be run out.

While Sisko grinds his teeth he gets confirmed that his luck is gone. Suddenly, comes one of his pursuers around the corner just in front of him.
Sisko can in no way reach to turn around or run away. So he chooses the last option, to attack.
With a quickness that surprises his opponent grabs his left hand grab around the throat at his opponent. While he presses his thumb into the throat just below the jawbone by the main artery grabs Sisko's right hand at the opponent’s the left wrist and twists the wrist around.
The much stronger opponent cannot do anything, and he jumps almost backwards while Sisko leads him across the road, past a house and into an alley.
Already at that time it is darkened by the opponent's eyes and Sisko gives him the final coup de grace by letting go of his arm and pump him several times with a fist in the kidney.
The opponent falls almost silently together on the ground in front of Sisko.

Benjamin Sisko looking quickly over both shoulders to see if there was someone who has noticed what just happened.
A bit of his luck must have come back, because it does not appear that someone has taken any notice of what just happened.
He grabs by the collar on the man and pushes him up towards the wall, so he is less visible from the street and should someone still find him he looks like a drunkard who has fallen asleep by the wall.

Sisko looks one last time out of the alley before he comes out on the street and now moves at a slightly higher pace than previously. He has not come many streets away before he discovers that he has two new pursuers after him.
One last evasive action when he turning over towards a booth on the right side of the road before he quickly, almost running downs the side road to the left.
As he turns the corner on the side road he sets fast pace on his run and run as fast as he can.

By the two water benders goes it not much better. They also decided to start running, and they have got confirmation on why there is someone after them.
The man, whom Sara beat down, Yamanto, is among the men who are after them. But they still do not know exactly why. Quickly run they both round about a corner.

"What do we...? We cannot keep on to running..." groans Sara while she looks back towards Soren.

"I know..." answer Soren while he thinks.

"I have it... At the next corner I throw water from the one water skins and freeze it into ice. And then I beat them down that way... If they not fall by themselves..." he continues after he has thought a little.

"Sounds good..." she answers while she looks a little worried at him.

"You're not going to kill them...?" she asks low with genuine concern in her voice.

He responds by shaking his head while he takes his Battle Club free.

"Not if I can avoid it..." he answers and opens for the one water skins so he can bend the water onto his Battle Club.

While Soren use a little attention to do his Battle Club ready drops his running pace a bit.
In this way, Sara comes a little in front of Soren. She comes very quickly around the next corner, while Sisko at the same time runs opposite around the same corner.
They run hard together, knock all the air out of each other and fall together with arms around each other.
By coincidence lands Sisko bottom with Sara half in over him. Still they have both of them the arms around each other.
Both need a moment to get the air again. At almost the same time they get opened their eyes, as they both closed in the collision, and they discover both that they have their faces very close together.
So close that their noses almost touching each other, and they both look very surprised into the eyes of the other person.

Sara stares into the man's amber yellow eyes. They are fascinating for her, but she always seems to amber yellow eyes have been since her experiences with Zhou.
The man's pale skin on his face and his eyes quickly tells Sara from where the man comes. But it does not worry her right now.
For a brief moment she is away in his eyes and she remembered a happy time she previously had with a fire bender. Zhou...

Sisko stares into the face of the young woman lying on top of him. Her tan colored skin and dark brown braid that fell over her face and into his face.
But he can still clearly see the woman's face and especially her eyes. The light blue eyes catch in the first instance his attention.
They are very beautiful to look at, but soon it is the whites of her eyes that become interesting.
Never before has he seen the whites of the eyes so suddenly can become so bloodshot and he wonders about it.

Slowly they come free of each other, Sara let herself fall over on her side to give the man room to also come up.
In the meantime Soren has turned his back on them after he has assessed that the man whom Sara has collided with poses no danger to them.
Quickly he gets spread all the water from one water skins out over the ground in front of the corner and then he bend it to ice.
Quickly he places himself in to the corner with lifted Battle Club, so he is ready to take against their pursuers.

Sisko comes up to stand and looks again at Sara who still lies on her back as looking at him curiously. He reaches out a hand to her, Sara studying him for a moment before she grabs it and let him pull her up.
For a moment, they continue to hold each other's hands while looking curiously at each other.
Suddenly disappears the interest in the other and they become aware of how the first of the two water benders pursuers coming tumbling and lands on the ice.
One of the persecutors tries everything he can to stay upright on his feet while he squirms with his arms to keep his balance.
It almost succeeded him, but it results in that he continues towards the opposite corner and with still high speed he hits directly into the corner of the house, so he knocks himself unconscious.
He ends up sitting up of the wall, with his face towards the corner and a leg on each side of the corner.

The other of the pursuers fall over to the right and left, as none of them manages to stay on their feet, and they cannot manage to brake on the ice.
When the last is overthrown and the other five lying down begins Soren beating the nearest with the back of his Battle Club.
He hit them on purpose so this is not the stone ball hits them, and thus they become unconscious instead of that they become killed.
But there is one that is faster than him. Sara recognizes him already when he is about to fall over and especially after what he shouted after her as he fell.

"Your fucking whore..." shouts Yamanto after her while he falls.

He is barely landed on the ice before he continues his curses after Sara.

"That you will get paid..." cursing Yamanto continues towards Sara "What you have done to me..."

Quickly come Yamanto to stand up and he withdraws out a knife. As soon as Sara sees the knife is her left hand down where the two water skins should be, but they are not at their place.
In the collision with Sisko, they have been pushed onto her back and she can just not reach them.
While she tries to grab them coming she quickly over towards Soren's left side, takes her hand under his tunic on his back and pulls his all-black close combat knife from the knife's hiding place.
Soren perceive that it is she who takes hold of the knife and stand still just long enough that she can take it.
As soon as he feels that Sara moves her hand again, he moves toward the closest, which is about to stand up.

Sara gets turned her towards Yamanto, but Sisko is slightly faster than her. He already has his Silver Combat Knife forward, and is ready for battle.
A little confused stare Yamanto at the man he has not seen before. Who is he? He is in his dark green upper part and brown pants obviously dressed very differently from the two water benders.
So what has he to do with those two?

Before Yamanto become completely ready to fight Sisko is already over him. He has exploited that the middle-aged man hesitated for a moment.
With speed and ease beats Sisko the smaller knife compared to Sisko's out of the Hand at Yamanto.
Before Yamanto have time to react have Sisko continued his movement, so he gets turned the knife handle toward Yamanto's forehead.
Hard beats his knives handle end toward exactly the same place as Sara struck Yamanto into the bar counter's edge.
Sisko strikes him just above the bridge of his nose so Yamanto lose consciousness and lands heavily on the ground.

Sara smiling over the elegant style of fighting the strange man has and she starts to relax a little more of in her position when she was ready for close combat.
Sisko turns to her and about to answer her smile when he discovers that his two new pursuers have caught up with him.
Both pursuers stop slightly up a little, above the uproar they see in front of them. While Sisko begins to consider his options Sara looking over her shoulder and without thinking about it she responds.
Quickly, while she comes round, she bender water out of one of her water skin and throwing the water towards the two new ones.
With a force that surprises the two they become pushed over to the wall and before they know it, Sara has frozen them to the wall where they hang with the arms out to the side and the feet off the ground.

Sisko comes with a broad smile, it rejoices him how the woman who obviously is a water bender, self and with no problems made them harmless his two pursuers.
But one thing that both surprise and confuse him a little is why the two in the dark blue kimono-like tunics with white edges seems to help him.
His best guess is that they are both from the Water Tribe. So why do they do it?
He is sure that the young woman has guessed where he comes from, when they were close together on the ground.

Soren lets go of the last of his opponents and lets him fall to the ground. He has a big smile on his lips over how Sara tackled the two newcomers.
While he goes over to her he wondered who the man in the dark green upper part is. He noticed that Sara ran into with the man, but why he helped them against him the Baka guy from the bar and his friends?
Sara chuckles about the ridiculous in that the two men hanging on the wall and turns her to Soren, and she beams with pride when she sees him come over to them.
Soren smiles proudly back, but a bit of his smile disappears when he see her eyes. They are very bloodshot, as if she is about to go into Blood Rage.

Quickly Soren is over by Sara and put his left hand on her cheek. She follows his example before their lips meet in a gentle kiss.

"You must narrow your eyes so he cannot see them... My Love..." he says low between two kisses.

Soren even begins to do it, because he knows that his eyes are certainly just as red as Sara's.

Sisko smiling over how love shines out of the two from the Water Tribe. While he gets his Silver Combat Knife on his back again he looks a little curiously at the two.
With them standing close together and with the woman's hand on his cheek, he cannot really see the man's face. Only his weird hairstyle in the dark blonde hair is clear to him.

Sara gives Soren a last kiss while she gives the black close combat knife back to him.

"I am sure that he is on our side..." says Sara low with conviction in her voice "That he is not from the city..."

Soren frowns while he put the knife on its hiding place on his back again.

"How can you be that...?" he asks curiously, but also low "Of course he helped us, but how can you be so sure...?"

She gets a little smile on her red lips and leans to his left ear.

"He's from the Fire Nation..." she says low and the temptation becomes too big, so she licks lightly on Soren's earlobe.

With big eyes and slightly open mouth looking Soren at her.

"How can you be sure that he is from the Fire Nation...? He is dressed in typical Earth Kingdom clothes..." he asks a little surprised, still he can keep his voice low.

"Amber yellow eyes... Light skin..." she answers with a big smile.

Sisko can hear that down the street someone is shouting something. Whether it is minded to them or whether it is about something else, he is not sure.
But with the six men lying on the ground and the two men frozen against the wall, it will probably not be so clever to be standing where they are right now. They risk getting some silly questions that they would rather not answer.

"I think it's best if we disappear from here ..." says Sisko high while he looks down the road in the direction from which he heard shouts.

The two water benders looking at him, again stands the man with the hood pulled up, so Soren cannot see his face.

"I agree with him..." says Soren addressed to Sara "Let us gather our things and get away..."

Sara leans down and takes the little brown package with the fabric with her, while Soren gathers the other small packets of spices up Sara has lost in the collision.
Together they begin all three running away from the place. Sisko front, with Sara just to his left and right behind her to the left runs Soren.

After Yamanto was gone from the bar with a few other friends to looking for the two water benders, Jinta has decided that he will again try to persuade Yamanto from making more trouble with the two strangers.
When Yamanto woke up he was very unhappy about that a young woman could beat him down. Therefore, he went along with some of his other friends out to find the two water benders and try to give them back of the same kind to give them a lesson.
Jinta tried to persuade him not to. That they both were warriors from the Water Tribe and that he risked a battle could end disastrously.
But Yamanto would not listen to him, he was too intent on wanted revenge.

While Jinta goes around and begin searching in the city wonder he over Yamanto's behavior. Had he really thought that a young woman who, if one look at age, could easily have been his daughter would accept his approaches? That she was taking with Yamanto and probably after his desire, ended up in bed together?
Well, if Jinta had to say it, it was as an incredibly beautiful and well-trained young woman. But from there and to make approaches to her, and on top of that the somewhat provoking way, he exhibited her friend, who probably was her husband...
Jinta can understand that the woman was mad. He shakes his head to himself again.

Without that he have thought about how he are, is Jinta indeed come a long way around the city, and for the time being, he has not seen anything to Yamanto and the others who went with him. He has only seen some of the city's criminals who also seem to look for something or someone.
After he has gone a little self he comes to a street corner where there is ice middle of the road even though it is summer and too hot to that could have been frost.
He reaches just, to scratching his neck and frown when he catch sight of a guy sitting unconscious at a house corner with both feet on either side of the corner.
Quickly looking Jinta around and discovers that all around him are several of his acquaintance who is unconscious. Also including Yamanto.

He shakes his head over what has happened to them and discovers the two that is frozen on the wall. He starts to laugh at them even though he initially tried to hold it back, but soon he must give up and begins almost going into laughing cramp.

"There you sit well..." says Jinta while he screams of laugh over the comic situation.

Neither of the two who are stuck on the wall seemed that the situation is fun.

"What about stop laughing and get us down..." says one very annoyed.

The other continues "Now we hung here on the wall in I do not know how long... And it is cold..."

The first continues, still very annoyed "Get us down..."

Jinta continues to laugh, he's really do not care with the two. He does not know them and therefore choose to look for Yamanto.
He kneels beside where Yamanto lies and begins gently touching the forehead, which is a new and larger red mark on top of the old mark was.
Slowly open Yamanto's his eyes and looking dazed at Jinta.

"Bear with it, alright?" Jinta says with a small smile.

"If you continue to want revenge, so you end up six feet below the ground..." warns Jinta with very serious eyes.

Yamanto look one last time at Jinta while nodding his head, as he understood the warning. Hereinafter he faints again, it was too much effort for him to have as serious a conversation with his friend.

Sara, Sisko and Soren run everything they can and often switch direction so they become harder to follow after.
Not that they have seen someone run after them, but just as a precaution.
That to do things just as a precaution is for Sisko and Soren very naturally because of Benjamin Sisko's military training, and Soren's travel since he left the North Pole, where he has been chased several times.
After Sara has been on the run with Soren for a while, it has also become natural for her to do things just as a precaution.

Both Sara and Soren still has pinched their eyes to that one cannot see the white of their eyes is very bloodshot. Both of them are struggling to keep their Blood Rage down, even though it is by being a while since they've been in fight.
Or fight one might not really call it, as there not really was resistance in some of them they put down.
Even Yamanto quickly became neutralized by Sisko.

It is so trouble with their Blood Rage that both their left hands begin to shake a little about it. Something Sisko have not noticed when he runs a little bit ahead of the other two.
Sisko sees a stand with clothes where there are more gray and black cloaks with hoods. He begins to move more slowly, while he stares at the cloaks.
The two from the Water Tribe are easily recognizable by their dark blue kimono-like tunics with white edges, and his clothes also stands a somewhat from the two strangers clothes.
So if they are to stay together, they must have some other clothes so they look more alike.

Sisko stops entirely up whereby first Sara and then Soren almost run into him.

"If we are to continue our cooperation... Or whatever one can call it..." says Sisko as he looks over his shoulder towards Sara "Or at least continue to help each other. Then we must have something different clothes. I think so that we are more alike..."

Sara looks at him with her pinched light blue eyes and when Soren standing right behind her, can the two men again not see each other's faces.

"Sounds like a good idea..." says Soren behind Sara.

Sara nods to it and Sisko takes it as a final answer and at the same time a confirmation that they will now help each other.

Sisko going quickly across to the stand with cloaks while he finds a few gold coins forward. He does not intend to negotiate on the price. He just needs the three dark gray cloaks as quickly as possible.

In quick succession he lifts three cloaks up while he nods and murmurs "For me... Should fit the woman... And for the man who is a little taller than me..."

Hereinafter he hands the three gold coins to the elderly lady in the portable booth, that looks very surprised at Sisko.

"It should fit..." says Sisko quickly before he goes over to Sara and Soren with the three cloaks.

"But it's far too much..." shouts the elderly lady after Sisko, however, does not respond to her shouts.

Sisko throws his cloak over his shoulder just before he reaches over to Sara and Soren and handed a cloak for both Sara and Soren, there takes against their cloaks.
When Sisko's cloak lies on Sisko's right shoulder, and Soren stands to the right of him, can the two men again not see each other directly into the faces.
Sara looks at her cloak and holds it up in front of her.

"What a good idea... Then we will come to look reasonably alike..." she says as she looks over the cloak and into the amber yellow eyes.

"Agree..." answer Soren while he looks on his cloak.

A little of his crooked smile disappears when he can see that it is of felted wool and is a good thick quality. A good hot cloak that could be good when it is cool in the evening or at night.
But now here in the summer heat...

"I do not know about you... But it gets too hot for me if I should have both tunic and the cloak here on..." he mutters "Cannot we find an alley where we can get dress...?"

Sisko looking curiously at the man, but when he holds the cloak in front of himself, Sisko sees only the tip of the head.

"He has a little trouble keeping the heat out..." Sara explains with a smile to Sisko "And I must admit, I also think it gets too hot for me, although I can better handle it..."

Sisko nods understanding, as fire bender he can regulate its internal temperature, so depending on whether it is cold or hot lowers or raises he just the temperature, so it feels comfortable. It is his inner fire that gives him the ability.

The two water benders turn around and looking around, and quickly gain spotted an alley down the road.
With quick steps walk the three away down to the alley. Soren comes first into and controls that it is empty before he goes further into, right down to the bottom of the alley.
The other two followed after him.
One of my own. Part 27.

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Prehistory to "I will keep you" of Bezsoba. :iconbezsoba:

Sequel to "The Hunted and The Helping." and the further continuation of the prehistory to why Princess Azula has a water bender in her service.

Here are the specific parts where there is a co writer with me. My good friend Ben and I have written them together, when I wrote the first part, Ben added his part/proposals and to the last, I correct them. They are known between the two of us as "One of my own" Ben Sisko part.

Here are the next two: Ben Sisko part three and four.

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7. 19 is one of my lucky numbers.
8. My neighbor comes from China.
9. In addition to Danish can I two more languages, English and German. I understand a little Dutch too. In fact I can also understand Swedish and Norwegian, but do not speak it.
10. I've been in 19 different country.
11. I love Japan and its culture. But have not yet been there...
12.  I love whiskey, single malt!
13.  One of my nicknames is Didi!

We take Ben's first :iconbezsoba:

1.    If you could advise any historical political or war leaders whom would that be and what would you advise him her about?
Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria.
That he should not declaration of war against Serbia, thus starting World War I...

2.    If you could advise any fictional political or war leaders whom would that be and what would you advise him her about?
Hmm... Avatar Wan.
That he should not interfere in between the two spirit Raava and Vaatu...

3.    Would you like to be part of a Knight Order? if yes which one. (or maybe you already are)
Maybe. :XD:

4.    Dragons or actual feathered dinosaurs?

5.    Favourite PC or Console game story?
Ohh... crap, I cannot just come on one...

6.    Would you rather lead a tank company or a battleship?
Always a Panzer company! 

7.    Do you like to a cook? if so fave type of food to make?
Oh-yes! Everything from traditional Danish food to Italian over to Asian, especially Japanese food. Right now it's Sushi that I am learning to do...

8.    Modern or Traditional architecture?
Hmm... Traditional.

And now Johanne's first :iconvonmorjo:

1. What is your favorite song?
This one!…

2. Try to explain the color blue without using the name for it!
Crap... It is almost impossible...

3. Insult someones shoes in your first language!
Hold da kæft, de er grimme...

4. Now compliment someones pet in your first language
Den er mere end smuk! ^^

5. What is your favorite smell?
My wife's hair... :love:

6. Can you whistle?
Jep! :D

7. In which way do you learn new stuff the best?
By it is fun. :XD:

8. Fill this space with something you planned to tell someone but never got to do (It can be anything!)
Wow... I will return...

9. What is your deadly sin?
All and none!

10. What is your virtue?

11. How do you hold your pen when you write?
With three fingers...

12. What is the oddest thing in your room?
I sit and can not find anything...

13. How did you obtain that thing?
Still not...

And to the last Johanne's second: :iconvonmorjo:

1. Which fandom are you the most embarrassed about having been in?
I cannot come on one... Nope, none....

2. If you were the one to take the first contact with aliens, what would you tell them about the planet?

3. What is your favorite song? (link it!)
This one!…

4. Do you have a song that you use specifically for certain characters? (link this too! ;w;) (Wink)
Huh... Yes, to my OC Soren (fanfiction, ATLA).…

5. Describe your room in your native language
Det vil tager for langt tid...

6. The sky has many colors, which one is your favorite?

7. How many countries have you traveled to?

8. We all know that humanity will end one way or another, but how do you think humanity will become extinct?
Hmm... Nope...

9. Optimist or pessimist?

11. Got any weird inside jokes?
"Oh... My... God!"

12. What is your favorite movie?
LOTR, all 3!

13. Is there a place you would like to go to?

Questions for the people I tag:

Nah, you get off this time since it is summer vacation... ;)

  • Listening to: TheFatRat - Monody
  • Reading: "Sara's Revenge."
  • Watching: Nope.
  • Playing: Nope... again...
  • Eating: And nope...
  • Drinking: And yes, freshly made tea.


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